Washington Gov. Inslee Is Lying Over Children Covid-19 Mortality Rate


Governor chop jay inslee. I think it might be the end of the day video. Cut one play. Cut the problem with that is. You're making a risk for everybody around you and you don't get vaccinated. You're a risk for your spouse your risk for your kids your grandkids. Your parents your coworkers. Because you are a bio reactor facility generating virus spreading it around including two kids who can't get vaccinated reread that if you're a fifty year old man who you voted for donald trump and didn't think kobe was a problem and you don't get vaccinated right now your arrest every kid in your city how. How do you risk them. We had that amazing video from dr mount macaroni last week. And i use it in my speech intending usa. Here's the truth. You fear mongering pile of excrement. Jane's lee the fatality rate for children in america from corona virus isn't fifteen percent is fine percent. It isn't one percent. It's not zero point five percent you utter disgrace you contemptible individual fatality rate for children. America from the corona virus from china from luanne is zero point zero five percent so he used a dad to say that he trump vote. Because hey you have to politicize it. Right who isn't vaccinated is endangering. All the children in his city is a contemptible big lie. Yes a big lie and you should be ottey ashamed of yourself but you're not because you're not a conservative you're not even liberal your comey.

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