A highlight from iPhone 13 & MacBook Prowe got more details! (CultCast #502)


Hello i'm a mac corner coming in hailing from a desktop everywhere be a. Okay what what's going on buddy. Well you sales through the roof. I'm sure people not going down without a fight competition. Okay so we just want a computer. That's simplisafe to that. Works the way that you actually. My mother-in-law automatic and loves gase best thirty plus monopolisation. You're gonna hear all week long. I'm your host airlines jimmy today. His dislikes include misspellings grammar mistakes and win. Garden meals. Cat tries to eat his village. He's the managing mak. Lewis walls is here. I don't care about the village. Actually i don't believe also joining us. He holds the guinness world record as the only man to hold a perfect one hundred percent blood alcohol content store and there for a solid five minutes a lot of training to lock that record down. He's the founder all right well so we get back to the camera videos. Maxima apple news. Oh my gosh. That's we got a lot of stuff to talk about this week. Let's see here Excuse me we have a full show full of hardware news that we're gonna talk about so it looks like we may have an actual launch date for iphone thirteen. We also have. We're we're going to put all the pieces of the puzzle together for you this right. We're going to make it like this. So you're basically going to know exactly what to expect thirteen. And so we'll run through that. We also have some information on the next ipad. Mini doesn't care about the ipad mini. I doubt it but look we're out the show. How like it. actually. I do too. And my wife's ipad mini. She's had it forever and she wants another one. And i'll just give you my. I'll get like the the next version that one. Okay small enough for her. It's a giant iphone that she can type on acts. Max yeah exactly iphone max. So that's the one that she wants. And we've got a bunch of changes coming to the ipad mini. So if you're interested in that ipad then you might be excited to hear this news. Also we've got some more information on macbook pros coming straight from the kangaroos mouth mark. Roman the so. You know the jets. And then i thought we could follow up on a story. We did a while ago on the apple. Watch we talked about some technology that may become into the apple. Watch some health technology that that might be coming via partnership that apple has with this company called rockley photonics and and it was supposed to include like all sorts of wild health. Tek well the company rockley just released a a non apple watch version of this technology. That does what they what we heard might becoming the watch dude. It is crazy if this stuff ends up in the apple watch. It really will be like. You always hear how excited tim cook is about. It really will be one of the most important tech devices of our time. It would radically change. I think the landscape of healthcare and and help people to understand where they are health. And it's really crazy so we'll talk about that before we dive in. I'm gonna send it over to bluest wallace to talk about the cult. Amax store that Yeah okay so krank krank went out. You know your old points on the own kangaroos right from plunging ticket. Yeah so if you go. There store cult amac dot com. You'll see all this stuff tons air tag accessories. Joyce talk about you. Got the the wonderful roundup of accessories under thirty dollars which is perfect for a gift or something but we've also got this new magsi accessories tons and tons of things dozens of things we got in there. We got cases skin case for the iphone. We've got a bunch of different car mounts. Which that seems like honestly. I can't believe. I have bought one of these yet because i'm always like i always have. My phone plugged into the car. Play right and and it's so big iphone. Twelve pro masks is so big. And i won't even fit in the little thing underneath my dashboard. Right so i just have it sitting on the seat and inevitably it's flying around and it's amazing as broken yet but they are kind of instructional. Anyway we've got a variety of styles wants to slide event. One you he's to mount with. We've also got stood up chargers and charging stations or whatever things that kinda hold the Little puck in place. Things like that all kinds of different things in there so if you got one of the magazines chargers this is a great way to make it a little bit more useful or attractive or whatever absolutely so

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