Babylon Bee Attacked in ‘False and Defamatory’ Claim That It Pretends to Be Satire


Now we're gonna have to get serious for a moment. Okay this long enough and okay. Now we do have to get serious because you this is. This is really serious. But it's also hilarious. You guys at the babylon be doing intensely. Larry obvious comedy have been attacked by. I don't know the new york times snoops saying that you're putting out false information so please explain because i'm not even joking. That's the world we. We're allowed living in so talk about that. Yeah yeah so. Yeah i mentioned. There's you know. The left is killing comedy by spike choking it. But they're also trying to censor it and what they're trying to censor specifically is comedy like ours. Where their target of it you know. They cannot to be laughed at. They can't bear to have their ideas mocked so instead of just laughing it off a or responding to it with their own jokes They've gone down this route where they've actually tried to smear us as being source of misinformation and the. There's a reason they're doing that so this is to me facebook twitter. You know all the all the social networks were really trying to crack down on misinformation and block it and keep it off their platforms. the left took advantage of that and thought to themselves. Okay well maybe that's how we get rid of the babylon be lump them in world news right and so they started writing all these news articles. The most recent one was the new york times saying that we're far right misinformation site that sometimes traffics and misinformation. I'm quoting them. That's what they said. We had to send them a demand letter and tell them to to remove that from their piece because it was defamatory. It was going to get us band on social networks thing you know. Our wikipedia page is going to say that we're not really a satire sight. Where where we pretend to be. We can mislead

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