Author Malcolm Gladwell Stopped Running at 16 and Started Again at 50


You know you. You have been a lifelong runner I think. I think i might start with something that i feel is Interesting and actually my husband. Who's a college age picked up. Which is the You've been nine to say often that you knew at sixteen you at in the five percent that we're gonna be piano be successful and i'm curious one how did you. What did you think he knew. That limit was when you obviously wanted. The mileage will make you were that you could have potentially reach your body. Maybe it wasn't developed to where it would be. So what gave you the the the the confidence but the decision tonight at when you had semi running is ahead of you and do you. Would you change it now. Russia would change it now. Because i now realize what colossal mistake at a not. Running prime years basically stopped running sixteen and never raced again until i was fifty so that seems crazy up but i don't think i was wrong. There's no way would put it in a world class runner from iran against someone who later turned out to be a arrogance. Two guys who later turned out to be three fifty three thirty five it would like to contemporary running. It was clear to me at the age of thirteen fourteen. Fifteen they were even though i could beat them that age. I had no confidence that i would be able to beat them. Beyond that age is is in clearly superior to me you. You're you're very at that age. I feel like we're all very very or students of these minor gradations ability and you're doing this small in multiple layers of your life here have decided in math class. Whether you're someone was pursue math right you're deciding whether you're all these things you decide you can quite closely at night. I also didn't feel. I was still globally temperamentally suited to labor which just not a very good

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