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Some great t shirts. Their hats coffee mugs. Also pick up a bag of pennies dog biscuit. They're if they're good for penny good enough for penny. They're good enough your dog as well. Yes. he's good enough tyler to apparently yeah tyler each those back. I got this bag of penny dog biscuits and You know we partnered with a company. And i would watch on a monitor here where tyler is in the back and this monitor. That's up now on peacock if you're watching and there's a bag there in front of tyler and like he's got them right now it's like vanilla wafers is what it looks like. So if it's good enough for tyler by the way that's winnie that's a little cage there. Where she naps during the show she gets worn out in the morning with a penny they run around and that's her sleeping so let's be quiet. You know there's a baby sleeping like off course voice. Yeah but always walk through. And marvin's leg. Yeah you know thanks to the baby's sleeping and be like okay baby sleeping back there. Don't wake her right. Update the poll results. Mcclellan okay i our with. Who's coming out of the west. Jazz ran away without like sixty eight percent. Not second hour. Who's coming out of the east. The bucks net. Sixers are hawks bucks forty four percent the nats down twenty four percent. In second place yeah. I just don't know the severity of chris paul and sometimes when you suffered a sprained ankle it doesn't feel as bad when you sprain it and then starts to swell and then when you're not able to be walking on it then that's where you start to get that pain. I don't know he was in a walking boot. Kyri was after the game. But i i don't know he's got two days to try to rehab that but that is an injury that won't go away not this year during the postseason and the same thing with james harden not gonna go away we know that joel embiid is gonna need surgery on his knee net in the off season. That's not going away either. This is this is a battle of attrition. you look at the lakers. It wasn't a question of if but when one of the two was going to get hurt and it turned out to be anthony davis and that costs them being healthy trying to stay healthy. How many of your players are healthy. If the milwaukee bucks can beat brooklyn nets then they're going to be changes in milwaukee. You can pretty much guarantee that and that usually starts with the head coach. Yep oh here's paul paul. If you were steve nash. Who would you prefer to have healthy for the rest of the playoffs. And you can't the other one's not healthy. They don't come back kyrie irving or james harden you get them fully healthy for the rest of the other ones out. It's weird but i think kyri and durant play well together better together. Their friends hardened to me is a better player. But i would probably go with with kyri with durant because i think they sort of stand each other a little bit better. Yes and i think too because kyrie's one before which is just players always talk about like you don't know what it takes to get over that hump or like what it takes to be a champion and pushing that extra level so they have kyrie inc and durant doing that together. Make sense you know. Milwaukee played really good defense. They four seventeen turnovers that matches brooklyn's total turnovers in the previous two games combined stat

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