Interview With Adam West, the Original Batman


There's a kind of a nostalgic. Dvd coming out return of the caped. Crusaders which features adam west and burt ward. Returning as batman and robin voicing those to crime fighting heroes. Adam west talks about his favorite episode of the classic series and more on kate. Crusaders number one. It was the first okay. Our pilots so called You know that two-parter Hi diddle riddle. I think and i love I really enjoyed frank ocean ridler and of course get the chance to set the tone in a comedic way for the show. Yes that are going into. The discotheque saying are should wish things like that and i think we hit pretty much hit the mark and people love good and i enjoyed it because i'm the one mostly that fought for the comedy. The tongue in cheek satiric low amounts as a matter of fact people. Ask me about you. Read the comics of so well. I frankly sop reading comic books. When i was about twelve but you it was a different time and different comics now. They're the graphic novels and the artwork is so incredibly. Good that i go through of in just to see what's happening and and i do see you know pieces of the new movie numerous the darker winds just to see what's happened and then i realized the days. The numerous batman is very full of vengeance and deep seated. Angst and so on. And they're very dark.

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