A highlight from Our Unicorn Diaries Episode 83 Dick Dastardly & Penelope Pitstop


A welcome diaries. My name is antony. And i'm marie. Hi how are you. I know every time you do a microphone in your face and headphones on you but you just you know we like okay. Three to one or anything like that. Show a move fast like like time. Yeah over just like that darling. Wet are week so far He always asks me there. When i had my lipstick last okay for that he had. It's always time for that love. We have three parties this week. Who not lifestyle off people there bright but they were just regular little get togethers. We had a great time was fine people. Yes it's a social calendars quite filling up. You know what the weather and then everybody's getting vaccinated. Eso it's like game on now. Today era meeting a friend for drinks today. Maybe a possible meeting a guy later for drizzly around wednesday. He asks we have. We're meeting someone for drinks town so we'll see how that goes suv. We've been talking to him though because he works out. How i think is going to work out. It'd be great. or yes. He had to be grading but then we had that what what happened. We stood up the other we went. We arrange to meet at a guy. We think we met on three fun. We did the video chat are we told them about. Stores always is looking. We got you here when we and then we have is to say they come in and they lied to our faces at their half an hour away and he was horrified is science several so we tell him we'll be we'll be the ball at this time we show what a drink from cena bar which is a great thing. I know you were happy anyway. You didn't care. It was just like date night. Whatever so we didn't turn. It was a second loss so yeah we enjoyed that but this but that's just the way it goes in the lifestyle isn't it always seems for us. It does anyway. I'll try to watch. But you know what i'll call them tone up be tournament be dick's. I'm totally fine with that. It just you learn their to color just makes dairy the next guy. Hey now where do you mother fucker to win. Soon as it does turn up and we fuck him. It's much better is just a nice. Makes it even more worthwhile. Well yeah why sometimes. So maybe we'll have another story for you from this evening. You never know that's true. That is very true. Might be cruising for men later. Oh yeah that's my new book list bisexual park lester fucking go cruising for guys so we might do that today as well. Sons out areas and a awards. Oh yeah that's right. If you listen to this you must have great taste in podcasts. We are the best if you have a big so if you have a lifestyle podcast you vote for us to come on. And how we vote for other people redone. Yes we i did okay. I haven't even vote. Yeah i'm i'm not over myself. Oh yeah i voted for other people to tell me what i'm not gonna say who But i did vote for a few people sir. A magazine online lifestyle magazine with great taste because they had us in it You find them. Asean lifestyle magazine and to vote for us. It's a esn lifestyle magazine. Awards dot com so often invoked now every day. Please thank you now. A word from our sponsors are you new to the lifestyle who are you sick of all those bots and photo. Connectors season stringer ready to throw in the towel. Because of orders god's time simply frustration

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