Interview With Real-Time Voice Changers, Jaime Bosch and Alex Bordanova


I'm highway highway. Bosch the co founder and ceo voice malt and alex borden over the director of audio experience at voice mode. Haina alex. welcome to the show. Hey karl thank you very much. Thank you happiness. The city's highest hero founder at westmont. Hey clark thanks a lot for the mutation so happy to be here. Today was great to have you both on the show. Jamie what things off by telling us. What is voice mod. What type of uses do you serve and what. What does your energy help. Those users accomplish voice with mission is to help people express themselves through silent than amplify every experience and we do these towards our bigger vision that is a world where everyone can create unique entities at the end of the day What are doing is. We evolved human connection through sound by building tools and creating spaces that allow people to sound. They way they want to sound to be hurt. The way they want to be hurt the kind of user some or the main use cases that we have today are social players sent conduct create or so for the social players. What we are adding them is the possibility to have these conversations in a moral way to react to things happening in game life and even to having more immersive experiences and also for the creator use as we are providing them a tool to make to create content and to make their life streams and their videos more entertaining. Okay so it's not just gaming is about content creation as well And i love what you said that it's about creating human connections and allowing people to make those connections in the way that they want to be heard so alex. It sounds like voice. More isn't just about voice modulations or adding cool sound effects two games. It sounds like there's a lot more to voice mud. We are helping the people to build their digital sound identities so building your digital selfish so important because that will allow people to become what they really want to be

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