A highlight from Eric Andre: A Joke about Getting Too High


Ever been in public you think. What do you think my man. Oh shit hold on was high. You've ever been jesus. Christ came out of nowhere. I think those high of ever been in public tie for first place. There's the first time i did. Mda molly and the other time was when i went and saw the to pock hologram at coach so the first time i did molly was like ten years ago. I went to this comedy festival. And i bought a bunch of those little ali pills and i went to see a comedy show and i was with my buddy carl. I gave him a pill. I took a pill and we felt like a million dollars right. Serotonin machine gun going off in my brain and i felt so good that i turn to my friend. I go dude if we eat like four or five more of these little guys will feel four or five times as good man. That's basic math bro. So we fucking wolf done a bunch more. What a fucking mistake. Because then my eyeballs started working independently. Like a chameleon like david attenborough for planet earth started narrating thoughts. This asshole is taking more than he can handle. That was hard. We'll do a slipknot drum solo is. We're doing like diplo. Air horn sound thakin panic iran outside my heart's beating on my chest right and i'm like i'm going to have to go to the fucking hospital. I'm having a meltdown. And i go. No i'll make myself throw up or we call it pulling the trigger. You know what i mean earlier. That's what we called it in ballet class. I don't know you guys got up. So i run outside and i'm fucking slim. I throw the problem. Was i had so much. Md coursing through my veins. It wasn't making me throw up. It just felt like i was hitting a hidden g-spot in the back of my throat and my yellow was like a giant clitoris. So i never come harder in my entire first. Only time ever achieved. Thank you okay and then the to all right so check so go. It's weakened to fucking hype to see this. Goddamn to bug hologram. And it's so wack. But i caught up. I'm like i can't wait to see this grand theft auto four era. Cgi to talk. So i was drinking all day out. A big field is late at night. Thousands of people. We're all watching. Stoop dog and dr dre onstage. Right and my friend. Brian hands me like a big ass. Zanex bar like a big fucking like a george clinton horse bill but zanex. It's not a good party. Jug it makes you black in and out of consciousness you lose your memories. But i wasn't thinking it down. And i tell from broncos okay hold up. I'm gonna make a pcp a goto the porta potties. I come back. My brain must have hit a zanex black hole. Because my friend. Brian was like dude. Where the fuck have you been. And i go. What are you talking about. He's like bro. You've been gone for like forty five minutes. The to puck hologram came and fucking went. You missed the entire bucking thing. And i've never been more mad and high at the same time. And i just turned around and i started ripping grass around. It was during the muslim mellow snoop dogg saw of his entire sets so stoop dogs on stage like s. nwa low piece of loops. Go poop poop scoop. Nobody'll but he do and one by one thousand people. Just look back at me going back over here. This dude rolling a blunt behind me. Look back and go. Well i guess everybody enjoys snoop dogg differently stream. Eric andrei legalized everything. Only on netflix.

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