A highlight from EP. 528 - Tim S. Grover & The Ugly Side of Winning


This episode is brought to you by a friends over at piedmont beef. Now encima you and mark has had a nice little bromance accession over artist pad. Yes a big old. What did you guys have had a meet party. He has met up. Meet up. meet up Yeah but we had Some piemontese hotdogs and we had some of the dadi patties. And oh my god guys okay so if you if you want some really good hamburger patties gotta go piemontese and check out their hop dotty patties. Okay they are a little bit on the fattier side but it's okay But there is so good. I ate life for those patty's at mark's. I had some hotdogs. Had i think he made some mistakes too. But oh my gosh those patties. What's the deal with the hot dogs. They're so good. The hot dogs are really good. I like to chop up my hotdogs before turning them into my mouth but some e off your safety first safety first safety first be hotdogs or so good to. I know you're a big fan. Yeah no definitely then them dogs really good but you know seemingly kept mentioning hop died in a case here unfamiliar. That's just a restaurant chain out here in california. I'm not sure how far east. But we're talking like the best hamburger patty that you've ever had and it's now available at piedmont dot com. That's what i think it's a seventy five twenty five seventy five. That's the cut of ground beef that they used to make this hamburger patty I wouldn't i burnt one really really bad. Because i never exp- i'm no. I'm sorry i'm not experienced this. Be extra fatty cut. Or extra fatty type of ground beef. So i i must. I messed up my bat. Something i gotta live with. You guys have to do that because now you just

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