Futbol Americas: USMNT Beats Mexico to Claim the CONCACAF Nations League



Start with the game itself because it was as we said at the top an instant classic the united states winning three two in the first ever concha caf nations league final mexico at twice both from decca tito goals from the is the. Us came back twice. Goes off corner kicks or one. From june from weston mckennie mexico waved off. For an offside on xtra moreno very close off side to to as we headed into extra time and then it was a story of two penalties christian pulisic converted. His and undress were not save by. Ethan horvath hark. Perhaps it wasn't the greatest game aesthetically. What in terms of spectacle in terms of rivalry truly truly delivered especially for tournament. An event the nation's the that we've all been downplaying for quite some time. Yeah we've been downplaying it and you can say whatever you want about the importance of tournament or not at the end of the day. It's a final. It's vs mexico that captivates that gets the attention when you talk about. Was this a good outing of football display. No it wasn't pretty by any standard tactically. Technically lacking very deficient both teams in certain areas individual performances. That were very deficient. But then you had these wait. A second. Look at meet type performances. You had these look where this is going. Dramatic pauses twist plot us events like var calls. Whatever may be that. we're just dramatic. They were just like where are we going with this. It just kept you on the edge of your seat every single twist and turn you knew it was because it was important versus mexico. Us men's national team playing in denver playing at home a very young promising team against qigong cough. So by no means was it pretty but everything you would wanna final the dramas the twist that turns everything this had.

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