U.S. economy added 559,000 jobs in May


In may the. Us economy added five hundred and fifty nine thousand jobs while the unemployment rate fell to five point eight percent which is a huge improvement over last month when the economy added two hundred seventy eight thousand new jobs and everyone started panicking response to this report f. in pretty mixed so to figure out what to make of five hundred fifty nine thousand new jobs. We called julia pollock. She's a labor economist at ziprecruiter. When you open up these numbers like what went through your head. This report is kind of and there may may i know. But here's the weird part darrien history of jobs reports going all the way back to the nineteen thirties. The may jobs report are meth. May is one of the best all time. Jobs reports ever recorded in terms of the number of jobs added in one month. It's like in the top twenty. I like to hear it.

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