A highlight from 2603 - Biden's Bipartisan Fetish, King Manchin's Filibuster, & a Static Senate w/ Digby


Announces. It's going to get serious with ransomware. The fbi is investigating postmaster. Louis dejoy speaking of joy and jobs numbers underwhelmed however but the good news is wages creeping up all this and more on today's majority report. Welcome ladies and gentlemen. It is friday. Thus you'll notice if you're watching this program. I am wearing my soft collared shirt as i do on fridays. i was gonna say zanu polo it is. It is a new old one. I can't find the other one and so it's maroon like it. does this room. i think so. It started out as sort of like a blue Yeah you know. I don't. I don't know if i find a shirt i like. I don't i. Don't stop wearing it and my son is actually the same way that i just realized that too. I'm like dude. You can't wear that sweatshirt four days in a row. He's like you do i you preach. Yeah you're going to be as a do. As i say not as i do i try try of course of course emma viglen here on casual friday. Let's get right into this. We gotta do this a little bit of a long clip but let's face it. We're living with president. Joe mansion now and vice president Kristen cinema exactly and So when joe manchin speaks treasury parliamentarian digby. And i are going to get into this. There is. there's a lot of moving pieces. We have some dignity. I have some some. Some very highly speculative about what's going on here but here's joe manchin boy. Oh boy talking about not being able to give up the ghost. Here's joe manchin. He just can't accept the fact that they're just not that into him here. He is being questioned by manu raju on cnn about you. Know you're going to keep keep pursuing this bipartisanship even after the january six commission. The mitch mcconnell wants with his last week. He blocked a commission bill and he could've you saying that he will want to work with these dead. Either i'm not saying that one's dead either very disappointed. I think it was wrong. What he did. And i've said that he knows how i feel about that. And they looked at. It truly is a political. I did not look at political from that standpoint Coming back together. It was totally everything they asked for. It was totally bipartisan. I think nancy pelosi was very gracious. And what she had offered basically making it. Totally bipartisan. chuck schumer said okay. I'll do the same They were able to come to disagreement. They were the same staffing levels. Everything was done in the most bipartisan way. And for him to the blocked because of the filibuster well one person blocked it on that but the bottom line is we have seven people. Six vote is seven. would we need three more or less. Get another shot. So you can say you'll never produce a sixty votes to make the place work. We're going to make the taking that off the table. Then we're making it work. We will make the player who reducing the sixty vote threshold off the table and we're going to make the place focus on what else i can tell you and you can't make it worse. I'm at work unless the minority has input. You can't disregard a person this not in the majority. The senate was never designed that way and i've said this if you wanted workings of the senate why do we have to sanders for every state small large. What founding father. What do you think enough. They wanted to participation from the smaller the minority and estate back then of delaware or rhode island was a very small state compared to new york and then virginia so he wanted that input. And we want that. We'll make it work on one second but you're also just in the center of so many issues in washington in one of the one of the issues is you're working trying to get a voting rights. Bill passed with at least from county discipline. Let me finish the question. There's no sign that there's actually going to be sixty votes to get that done. Some of your democratic colleagues say joe manchin should agree for an exemption allow voting rights to pass on a simple majority change. The senate filibuster do. Would you be open to that everybody. How welded the twenty thirteen. Nuclear option work when twenty seventeen came back and took it off the supreme court. That's all what goes around comes around so let's work together in other words. What's good for the goose is good for the gander and fine fine. You know what else. The founding fathers did not to allow for elections of senators. Well they also. The founding fathers did not want senators elected but they did also do is not put in a filibuster. yeah the filibuster has nothing to do with the founding fathers. This is really. It is so aggravating and digging in 'em we will talk about are various theories as to what the various players want in this. And i think this new report about what the parliamentarian has ruled over. The past couple of days is also playing into this as well. We will get to all of this. But it's simply infuriating. And i don't think there's much leverage that anybody has with joe manchin. Well he decides one day he's gonna take off out out in the washington post saying he will never ever make any adjustments to the filibuster and there. He was with maharaja. You who said on twitter in response to this that he noted that he repeatedly would not take the bait on saying that he would never adjust the filibuster so like. The guy is just going where the wind goes on this. And that's why. I think the the article in the daily beast about how schumer is going to essentially put up as many bills as they as they can in june. Because they're all gonna fail creating some sort of environment that allows for a more. You know a a reluctant joe manchin. Yes manch it pushes joe mansion in the in the direction that the party wants. I mean cinema. Who the hell knows. We'll see all right. Well we'll talk more about in just a moment when we Talk to heather parton right back folks here. We go all right this one. This is a little bit better. Hello tissue brace myself. Yeah we all know. What's on the horizon right emma. What is coming up the summer father's day. Oh right

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