A highlight from Part 2: Tom Law, Dave Grening


Pick one of the morning line. I'm thinking by the ones probably you know might be okay. Nice all right. I wasn't sure how to how to handle her right now. Used her i think as a as a see the actually got to rework that too. Because i was leaning on cheb wagon erin was highly intrigued. Jumping ahead for the autumn fed. I was very intrigued by bonnie south. I heard you mentioned her earlier talking about her. I just think that that the the race you know The skydiver valiant both coming out. You know it it's gonna be. I was wanting to go against the true scott. I'm not sure now. Exactly you know how strong conviction about that Do both brad cox phillies in there. Though i definitely will be used. And she dares the devil. And i'll still use some bonnie south and You know but that's just gonna be alright. I'm really watch and i'll have that race in my pick five. It's the most outrageous fat but you know really a bummer. To speak to the phillies. come out. Save what did you skipped over a little bit You gotta jaipur idea. Yes the Well you know to me You know i really think that Bound for nowhere. You know if if he runs his race You

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