A highlight from Apple has been under siege. WWDC is its chance to rally the faithful (The Daily Charge, 6/4/2021)

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Expert insurer so it's an awkward time for apple. What kind of conference are we expecting to see next week. I'm expecting to see a very similar conference to what we always get right. Which is the the kind of nerdy very kind of silly side of apple. I mean this. Is i feel like wc With what they call their worldwide developer conference I feel like that is apple at its best for the nerdy crowd They tend to have a lot of kind of inside jokes. They even higher often the actors behind their their ads right remembered. Pc and mac they would often hire them to do extra skits for wbz. So you know it. It'll have that kind of air to it. But what's important really is that even though apple may not directly acknowledge what the last year has been like which is really to me having followed this company for for a long time. I feel like last year was rather annoying to hear the word unprecedented but it feels like i mean it for apple. This is a really tough year. And so the fact that they're going to kind of be rallying the troops in doing their Apple thing in the middle of that. I think it takes on more significance as an and looking at the show i mean. What are you expecting to be on the big highlights or big themes of deputy. So for the most part. I think we're going to hear a lot of the stuff that we've been hearing from the before especially around stuff like privacy which i'm sure mark zuckerberg and facebook will be really happy to hear about and also they're probably going to be pushing really hard on kind of justifying a lot of ways what they do for the community. I think that the last year they've been the they've gotten a lot of pushback and this perception. I think that you know today that they charge too much in the app store. Right the whole thing with epic in fortnight was that they the cut they take of sales is too high thirty percent at the highest and that they should lower it and you know last year they actually did. They lowered it by half for most developers. But there's definitely the sense. I think that the community feels like especially the bigger developers feel like apple. Isn't doing enough to justify its place in the ecosystem as it were and so you know. They're not going to directly respond to that. But i think that they're going to be a. Hey you great. Api we wrote. Oh look at that amazing technology. we created. I think we're going to get a lot of that right. I agree that privacy will likely be a big through line for the show speaking of which you publish the scoop on apple ball string the privacy features on its airtags. So i know it's supposed to be talking about wdc. But i wanted to segue just a bit for that. What exactly did apple do with. Its update yeah. It was really interesting. So i've been following the airtags conversational lot particularly as they were coming out and there was a lot of concern about how they could be misused. Right 'cause they work. Really great on your keychain. I have one. I've played with and it definitely does the job but you know. I think that the question i was trying to kind of wrap my head around. Is you know what are the edge cases. That apple either plant didn't plan for right. And how are they dealing with that. And that includes the positive right like when i thought about airtags i thought about all the times i got lost as a little kid in art festivals with my parents right and i would just run off to a booth and suddenly my parents weren't there and and i would just be found crying at one point or whatever and how much easier would it have been if they had an air tagging my pocket and could just you know have their phone find me and i think that that was something that i kind of wanted to understand a little more. And that's what led to that. I think apple trying to make a point about how much they're really committed to airtags privacy and so on thursday. They said okay. We're gonna do is change the timings for these airtags. We're gonna say you know instead of doing three days for when they'll make a noise to alert you if you if they're on you and you didn't even know it. Let's say that you know someone surreptitiously put in your pocket It'll make a noise because it knows it's moving. It's got an accelerometer in it. And it knows that not near. Its home iphone. Because it's not combined with communicating with it so to say hey.

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