A highlight from Samantha Crain Thought She'd Never Make Music Again

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It is samantha. Crain recorded live for the world cafe. That's a performance of pastime. You can find in her twenty twenty album a small death. Her new ep is out now. It's called us. We live here now. Joining us for norman. Oklahoma is samantha. Crain samantha. welcome back to the cafe. You have of course you call the new ep. A postscript to your twenty twenty album a small death and we heard this song pastime from the album up at the top. And i'd be remiss since we haven't had the chance to talk about the full length album if you're willing if you're comfortable to tell us about the circumstances that led to that record. Yeah so basically. Coming out of twenty seventeen i was experiencing a quite a lot of pain due to some tendinitis and carpal tunnel issues. That i've had for a long time and also sort of of burn out Meltdown sort of thing Just from you know various things substance abuse and you know on dealt with trauma things like that and it. All sort of came to a head That summer 'cause i was in three car wrecks in a row All within a period of three months. I like to preface that by saying. I'm not a bad driver this was just like a weird Spot of lock or unlock. Or what have you But it's order just exacerbated. All those problems. I i got might the pain that i was experiencing just sort of Off the charts The physical pain and then also sort of a mental state just started deteriorating pretty quickly due to a lot of light the finance financial uncertainties of the car wrecks and then also just started getting really depressed due to not being able to like play or anything like that And i got to the point. Where i couldn't really even use my hands and i was just sort of at home by myself without the ability to work tour or play or really anything and it was just like a really dark time for me and i didn't think that i was It it just felt like i was sort of. You know at the very very of the barrel. I guess and Through various sort of therapies and support from my community in friends. I slowly started getting a use of my hands. Back end Sorta working on just myself in all sort of getting to know myself from scratch again who i was outside of being a musician. I think and During that time. I was sort of just writing little bits of things. I didn't think i was gonna make records anymore. It felt like that was kind of like the end of of things. The i i don't i don't mean to interrupt i that's kind of what i i imagined. Must be the hardest thing as you said. You aren't necessarily thinking about life a musician you're thinking about life as a person. Yeah i was just like i was in such a survival mode that it just felt like. I'm just trying to stay alive here. Not not worrying about how this is gonna play into a some sort of creative process and so it was more just for for my own mental wellbeing that i was keeping notes of of ideas or little bits of poems and things like that You know after about a year and a half. When i started feeling better felt like i. Could you know hold a guitar again or play the piano a little bit. I just started pouring through a lot of this little notes that i had been Keeping over over the year and a half and Yeah all the songs. The all these songs from small death sort of just poured out of me as my experience or things that i had been Keeping kind of push down for a long time kind of coming to the surface and there wasn't any expectation of even being an album. Like i'd kind of come to the end of my My record deal and and so it was just sort of like i. There was no pressure from anywhere to make a record. And so there is this real freedom with Just cataloging my journey. I think and i read a story about you. Know you sort of having a song that kind of to you when you picked up the guitar for the first time imagining thinking about taking a year off from not holding your instrument in your hand. Can you tell us a little bit about an echo to me. It was really the starting point of that whole record. That was the song that sort of dominant domino affect the rest of the rest of the songs coming out of me. Let's listen to a little bit

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