Pandemic Lockdown: A Boy Toys Dilemma


Twenty nineteen was robbie's best year yet while people grumbled wishing that the year passed quickly. So they could see what twenty twenty held for them. It was his turnaround here. He was a struggling graduate from a humble home. Whose only source of income came from the occasional modeling gigs. He got for either commercial shoots or fashion. Runway shows robbie a taken to drinking to cope with a feeling of disappointment which had become his constant companion on his last day in the dark tunnel which was his life it started just like any other his father calling him a bomb with the mornings greetings. His mother giving him the sympathetic look and defending him as a free ambled to a fight that had been doing between the for days. Ravi went over to a friend's place where they wild away. The time playing video games checking out the snaps and insta stories of hot chicks after sharing meal of red red fried plantain and beans from the neighborhood's best food join play slept a greater part of the afternoon. Away around five pm robbie's friend. Leslie had a phone call by the time the call ended. he was beaming my bb. Just call going to the club tonight. I'll definitely get enough to see me through the week. Leslie said excitedly rubbing his palms together your bb which one i thought your girlfriend dumped you. Because you're broken. Succeeded your cuteness but you see. God works in mysterious ways through the heartbreak. I met a wonderful well established woman who was willing to nurse back with love and of course money. You mean you have a sugar mummy. Yes the city is brimming with them. You see all these big women in their big cars. Were sunglasses everywhere. Because they don't want you to see their sad faces. They're all looking for some young male vitality to pump some fun into their prison like. mary lives. come to think of it. Why don't you come along with me. The club my bb can hook you up with one and you wouldn't have to worry about what to eat anymore. Is that why you have stopped looking for work. You're being spoon fed by a married woman. Drop that self-righteous tone before reconsider my offer to take with me.

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