A highlight from 1570: Eleven Ways to Build Muscle Faster

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The eleven ways to build muscle faster faster faster faster. Everyone wants to build muscle but everybody wants to build a faster. Hell yes i knew. This is a good topic. Because actually i think what's going to happen in this discussion is people will listen and realize that they're not doing something from what we're talking about here building muscles tough. It's not easy it's funny. I i talked about this on a lot of podcast on now especially when i'm talking about two to women about building muscle is that it's it's not an easy process. It takes a lot of time. It can be very challenging. And there's oftentimes. There's things that we do or don't do that just slow. The process down in some of them are simple but oftentimes overlooked so. I think we should definitely cover this subject because I know these are pitfalls. I ran into that. I had issues with my clients. Did one most excited to do this too. Because a lot of times you may be building muscle and you don't think you are so the idea behind this like when we first kind of created this was let's give people kind of like checkoff list of a are you. Are you hitting the big eleven things To build muscle as fast as you can because what can happen sometimes is the scale. Doesn't move and you start to stray away from some of these things right you start to freak out or just move or do things differently because oh my god. My goal was to build as much muscle as possible and my scale is either staying the same or maybe even dropped a pound and so you start freaking out and so i you know i would. Have you know. And i think quite organize it. The way we organized this episode today. But i'd have kind of a list of things similar to this that i'd i'd go over with my clients. Listen are you doing this. Are you doing this if we're doing all these things k in it. I promise you were changing your body composition. Even if you think were not we were on the right track. We're checking all the boxes right. The first thing which i think is the most important in the most basic is to focus on strength. Now i know eventually when you get advanced this one changes because you're not gonna get stronger forever all the time if that were the case. I think i'd be you know it'd be lifting thousands of pounds in each one of my exercise so at some point this changes but in the beginning in the intermediate This is the most important thing if the most tangible way to actually be able to measure your progress. I think that that's just one of those things that if we if if you want to be serious about this and and this is where all this stuff matters and why we have this all stack to the way it is because to be efficient in building muscle we have to really be critical of all these types of ways of measuring. It's also one of the first places it goes when you fall off for a couple of weeks so it's such an easy place for me to go back and measure like oh am i on the right track again if i take a week or two off especially if i take two weeks or beyon- where i've been inconsistent and not lifting one of the first things i see that i start to drop her loses my strength so it's also one of the best ways for me to know that okay back on the right track when i start to see that go up and your measure is not a. What's my pr and i'm not pr now. It's like where. Where did you start when you guys. Where did i start. When i got back into training again or back to being consistent with all the things i'm doing now and how am i progressing from there. Yeah some of the best advice. working out was exactly this so we had a family friend who used to be a body builder. Who's a chiropractor. And as a kid working out anytime we see this person. I was always like. Oh man i can't. I can't wait to ask him questions. Because he was the buff guy that i knew and i finally i remember one day. I took him aside. And i built up the courage to ask the sky and i said hey what are the. What's the most important things i can do. And he said you know. Eat a lot of high quality food and get strong. And i remember thinking like what do you mean. Just strong goes. Look if you double your squat if you double your bench press. I promise you you'll be bigger. I promise you you're going to have more muscle in your body will need to get big and nothing. Nothing has consistently built more muscle on me and my clients than just getting stronger consistently you can get stronger in nazi muscle for a little while. But if you keep getting stronger eventually you'll see more muscle on because you can be getting better at this and we'll cover this right the skill and things like that but ultimately if you are sending a signal to the body that you need to get stronger than it's also telling the body. We should build more muscle in order for us to get stronger. One of the most efficient ways that we can be stronger is to add muscle to build muscles so that is like allowed a signal that you can send the body to build them. And i mean this was the part of the cornerstone of the first maps program which is maps and a bollock is You know get stronger. And people who don't necessarily focus on this to go to the gym and focus on the burn or the sweat or the pump. They'll follow a program like that. And i can't believe the results that i'm getting. Well yeah. strength is the foundational pursuit.

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