Why Is Video Podcasting Important?


Hey what's up. Everyone welcome to brands on brands. Today we're talking about video podcasting. Thanks for tuning. in noah. Got me going about this episode. Was i thought we don't talk about video enough in the podcasts base. So i actually have a three part series. This is part one. Today's going to be about why we should be using video in podcasting. Why video podcasting is important. And then the next couple episodes will get into more of how to do it. The equipment and the setup and all that stuff but i would start with the like why this is important and and those types of topics but first and foremost brandenburg. Meyer your personal branding coach. I appreciate you guys tuning in each week as we bring you thought leadership especially in the personal branding and marketing space and podcasting specifically as well. Because you guys know that. I'm a big fan of podcasting. I think it's the best and fastest way to help you find your voice. Use your voice and build a brand around the business of you but video podcasting. So that's the topic for today. The reason this close to my heart is. I think for a lot of us. Video could be the goal that could be the final destination but many of us didn't start there because it's intimidating it's difficult. There's a lot of setup involved not only with having to figure out how to look at a camera how to talk to people through a lens and get confident with how you look and how you present yourself on camera but also just the idea of all the setup and technology required to get that done now. obviously when i get through how to set it up. There's easy ways to do this. But i understand barriers understand why that would slow people down. I know when i started. I tried video. I tried blogging. I tried podcasting. Podcasting stuck with me as the one that was easiest for me to be confident every day turning on sitting down and quickly recording something. So i get that i get why you are a podcast. I did not a youtuber. I trust me. However i think that there are a few reasons. We'll go over today. Wipe video should be a part of your podcasting plan from day one

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