Follow the Money on Wuhan Lab Leak Theory


The story. I was telling you about four. It's called Beijing's useful idiots. It's in my newsletter and I strongly Strongly Strongly encourage you to read it. Kind of like God, Tom Cruise from a few good men. I object. I strenuously object. Well, I don't strenuously object. You reading this article, Beijing's useful idiots. It's an unheard dot com By Ian Burrell. It is a damning indictment of the science infrastructure that was used to wave you off the lab league theory. We all know what happened now we all know it's likely matter of fact, I believe at this point probable that this virus leaked from a lab covid 19, obviously. That's not the story. We know that the story is. How are we waved off it for so long? And how were we? Conservatives attacked for promoting man that phone lines lit up fast? Sorry, Producer Mike Well, this article just on dresses everyone behind it rather than going through the beginning. I discussed earlier on my show. I'm gonna discuss this part because it matters. Here's a quote from the peace again. It's in my newsletter today, Bongino dot com slash newsletter. If you want to check it out. Bunch Basia. Beijing's useful idiots. It's important to get to motive. Motive matters. Why? Why did people at nature science magazines respect? Formerly respected science journals, The Lancet nature or why did they? Why were they so invested in making the most likely theory disappearing? Ladies and gentlemen, if you're at home, you know right now, the answer. You know it. What's the answer? Follow the money. Always follow the money. Follow the money trail. You will always get your answer every single time.

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