Promoting A Team Member To Customer (You Know, Firing Them)


You have to promote a team member to customer and yeah. I guess it's a really nice way of saying you're fired or you let go and it's never easy to do no matter how righteous it is or how needed necessary. It's not fun thing to do when you think about things like the the apprentice show or we all sat there and just just couldn't wait to see who was fired next and of course it was reality. Tv wasn't really realistic. By any means. I get all of that or how the movie up in the air with george. Clooney were his job. His company that he worked for was to help other companies downsize. Could you imagine just traveling around. I know again. It's a movie but those positions were real might still be real that they pay other people to go fire people in other companies. I can't even imagine being in a company like that were. They couldn't do that on their own front about it. Can you just imagine if that's what you did. Is you traveled around ending other people's careers. You could grow yours because really firing starts with the leader in the sense of the word from the hiring process the on boarding process coaching daily. Showing your team. How to win Do you even have a structure for people who aren't performing before you just cut them. Loose is it's easy in a sense for example on a sales team because you have really hard data that's immediate. They're either hitting a sales quota or not were. Maybe some other jobs are a little harder to quantify and say is this person really effective or not so. Do you have a structure in place that really encompasses what they need to be winning in order to say. Hey you're effective. You're you're making an impact in our company or not and when you don't do that if you don't really address it because you're you're worried about. Hey who's going to do all this work or a. There's such a great person and all that other kind of stuff did you create a quinton stay mindset with a lotta people

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