Mystery of the Flathead Lake Monster


Oscar sat on the dock sipping coffee from chipped mug while he stared across the peaceful bluewater. The son had yet to make its way over the mission mountains. It was picturesque almost worth getting up at this hour. Almost oskar was no early bird after the army. He vowed to never again get up before sunrise. It was the main appeal of his job at the bank but he wasn't going fishing for himself. He was doing this for his best friend. The roar of a model a rumbled behind him. Oscar smiled. He knew that sound that bought that car from his dad. When oscar and matt got back from the war it was ancient them and that was nearly a decade ago. Oskar chugged his coffee and gave himself a pep talk. Matt needs this so don't complain. He smiled and waved. As matt backed up the car and the twelve foot john boat he towed behind it down the ramp and the water that called out to oscar. Figured you'd be wearing your bank. Close today matt's blue eyes looked sharp and clear and he was already busting oscars chops like used to those. Were good signs. Oscar worried about matt. Who was a little unstable these days. Not that oscar blamed him matt had been laid off. His wife had left him but they weren't going to talk about the sad stuff today. Today was about fishing. one thing. The two friends could still agree on after all these years or at least it was one thing matt loved that oscar could tolerate. Oscar hated hiking and hunting to him. It wasn't too different than being in the army. So fishing it was. He hadn't been on the lake years and he prayed for still waters matt hopped out of the truck and wrapped oscar in a bear. Hug you ready to catch the flathead lake monster. I saw it last week. Oscar i swear. Oscar chuckled matt. Had to make everything an adventure.

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