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Well here we are new studio buddy. New student dig it. His daddy just shows up. Daddy j just shows i i wanna help. But you don't need your help. Yeah you might be right on on basically the studio no. I'm not going to be like well. I think that color doesn't work. It's just not for this color. I wish it was. This was the inspiration from chen. Brian johnson put it together but mention had this idea and then brian johnson ran with it. Built it all by hand. I brian johnson's monster making me my graphic right now now now. July july twenty ninth. I won't be around for the entire ninth. 'cause i got to leave in the morning drive to the inland empire to the ontario improv. So i'm gonna leave it six. Am why there at kidding but it just takes. Oh because you. Did you ever made it there. Have you ever made it from. I would rather i would rather fly your you. I got mine minor at the antero. Improv i got. You gotta leave three hours. It takes three hours three hours. See how long see how long this fucking la see how long what is the mileage between venice. And the antero improv. Let me see what it is. How dr into calabasas for daddy. I loved it. I go a really nice drive to pank. Love it mel. Kenyon i go i go mouth can yes nice. Aw it's fucking beautiful. Three nephews yet to let. What's that three enough years to route. That's almost santa. Monica so longtime that's that's daddy's turn now much. I don't mind you did all this. I love the studio and and our twenty seven right now. It's only an hour. Twenty seven says fifteen miles and it's gonna take one on well if you leave in rush hour like if you leave at three but even then what am i but then i got to hang out so i'll okay so i'll leave it three five. My show doesn't start eight non-state until eight thirty. It's almost better leave at six. It's almost it's a risk low low risk. But i'm known for taking bill. Burr flying a helicopter. I would spend could money. You need all your money or your weekend trip to buy after nostra. Traffic is also nothing to do with zero. I love the people. I love the gloves in the country percent. The inland empire. They come to laugh. I love you missed a good time at the hall. My first time doing there you've done. I've done says there for many years. I don't set their only done set. You know ice house. I'm gonna do like it. It was great. Yeah great crowds. Great room. I pulled his dick out. Guy pulled his dick out. Posey's up on drugs or not. There definitely was an alcoholic is because the skirt said when we let him he normal he must have something because he went from zero to hundred some this duty on a group of mexicans. That didn't appreciate. You're not gonna take mexican. Stu you're not gonna get away with that no mexicans. They beat the shit out of it. Yeah rightfully so that big jay shop was ready to go as well he. His guy had his hands full there. The guy seems like he clearly wasn't all there he thought he was. You know what happens. He probably thought he was in the bathroom. And he pulled. It was so drugged up. He pulled his dick out there. His girl was also fucked up. Really sometimes though you know shit can happen where you're disoriented. You have a brain so no. I've never done that. I'm trying to lead comedy show. No i'm saying that you can like i know somebody who had dementia and they're young and they took their pants off in the restaurant. That'd be the exception. This guy was fucked up on drugs and dude but he pissed on the wrong. Leo my began boyfriends by to beat the show now the cops came there like he wants to do like to do what you do. Is you go this way. Have bouncers in your comedy clubs. And i've done comedy clubs where there weren't anybody to saint louis from no security really know you're now your security was a nightmare. J. shabas gets five my boy. He's like minimum fan he. He looks like one third. Fuck in the strong span contest nj shop and they hem this fucking guy up. Okay now chrissy. Chrissy was staying in the back. He's from new york. I thought he'd know chrissy chrissy state in the back. He'll stand up backheel avoids a comic. But you get the couple thick boys get in there and get under his arms. You gotta get you get you get you get your hands this part of your hand you've got thrown in the back of thrown out the back like a like you know in the movies when they still have the saloon or some. We got thrown to the ground. I had a i had was out. I was in. I wasn't philly. I had a large trunk. Man grabbed me about the the upper ribs and his the blade of his hand under my armpits and he and he had me there and he goes like this he goes. I liked what you did. And i couldn't really move. He had me all big a big guy. He had me all like a little tolerant like a little toddler shaking. And i was like i felt very violated. This this guy get dealt with this guy. Because we're mary pitts mexicans to so the mexicans were happy. Yeah well how do you deal. I mean tim the act and i just here she goes what tough. Fuck fuck war. Calm down on. She was downside. We're big fans. We've been waiting for this. This guy's dick is outmanned. His right now she is yes look. He's peeing he puts on my shoe on and then afterwards we get done like what the fuck and then christie's dallas great man. I've been calmly for fucking ever. I've never seen that. That was great. Did you get that. 'cause i got like holy shit. We focus on tape. He looked like he was smiling. And just standing there right. He looks like there's not much you can do When a guys that out of it and just gone. Do the first thing that you and i would was a big dick. My i was a big dick yet. Big noses plane your big old piece out star. Pin a guy. That's cool small deck. We can't have a pointer. Anyone see the dick. Jay had to apprehend them but it was dark. It's hard to apprehend tell you know it's not a big big day. Shine amount of what you come. You come up from behind. Make sure you don't get the ppi. We talked to people after they were cool. We got today mop it up mountain avenue for caution signs and then relocated the people. And this where. I fucked up there. You relocate the people and they are actually talking about trauma they just went through. But i thought they were talking to him so then i let them up after the show like dude we. We weren't talking. We're we got real. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. Yeah rough night can. That's a tough one. That's like my friend. Who did a broadway play and said you gotta keep down in the middle of the play because the guy was making noise and the guy was on. A respirator. Paraplegic quadriplegic so as machine was going you there but you do gotta keep tell keke that can we myron lung. I know but then cancer road dude. He was actually he was back. It must be loud loud right little laugh. And what are you gonna do in that situation in here. You can't be like keep your iron law. Then it's going to be seen if he's sorry fucking. Can you die for. yeah a took. Oh i saw spy space jam this weekend to see spaceship you know. What's weird is. He was like oh down when he space. Jim and i'm like de las show fucking space jam. It's gonna show him the jordan when we grew up on but he loves lebron like him and his little friend were playing basketball the other day. And you know how we used to when we were kids. We michael jordan people koby. I hear tired lebron james coldly jordan. That's insane so he wanted to see. The movie was taking the movie. And i. i don't like lebron more for variety of reasons but as a guy right so i went in with a negative attitude. It was fucking good dude. He was good wasn't he. No no no not at all. When he's in the beginning he's acting like oh. This is gonna be a fucking disaster. Yeah but he's only in it for like the first ten minutes and then he's in cartoon world so it's just his voice which is great when he's animated.

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