'Jaws' Expert Valerie Taylor Tells What It's Like to Get Bitten by a Shark


A debate brewing over sharks Should shark bites be called attacks or just encounters as beachgoers. Witness survivors getting rushed to the hospital viral video posted just this weekend showing a hammerhead shark in Panama City Beach getting a little too close to swimmers. Some wildlife experts are pushing to rebrand interactions with the ocean's apex predator, calling them bites, negative encounters or incidents instead of attacks. I would say any time we're painting any wildlife as interested in harming humans. We're reducing people's positive feelings about them. People's desire to see them conserved and protected and increasing the likelihood that people see them as Villains or antagonists. For years. They've been the bad guys in movies like Jaws. We're gonna need a bigger coach and the Meg about a massive megalodon shark. But experts say in reality shark bites are rare and that using language like attack gives a false impression of intent. Page winter who was bitten by a shark in 2019, losing part of her leg. Told all Robin Roberts she didn't see her encounter as the Sharks fault. This situation has urged me to learn more about sharks. I didn't do something directly to the shark, but I was in his water. You know, That's his house. But Dave Pearson, who survived a shark attack in Australia and now runs a support group called Bite Club says avoiding the word attack downplays the very real danger. We can't keep sanitizing things to the point where we It feels like when you're the person involved. It feels like someone's dismissing your experience and dismissing your troller is something that's insignificant. You need to be aware that there is an element of danger out there and we call them Apex predators for a reason. And predators bite things. Even Stephen Colbert weighing in on the debate. I'm sorry, ma'am, a shark interacted with your husband's torso. He's experiencing a not being alive. Incident. Whatever they're called. Officials are taking these encounters seriously in Cape Cod, where at least 50 confirmed great white shark sightings have been reported this past month on the APP, shark tive, itty. Researchers deployed acoustic receivers to track great whites to keep people safe. It's a really valuable way to find out more about the movement of great white sharks. That's important information for the public to know when they are going to the beach. You know where they might be more likely to encounter a white shark. When you're at the beach. Look for signs of sharks. If there are seals in the water. There might be sharks nearby, because they eat seals. If there are birds flying in the air, that means they're looking for fish that sharks are also probably looking for. So if you do go swimming, try to go in pairs in groups Just be smart. Generally and also remember that unprovoked shark bites are exceedingly rare. There were fewer than 100 globally just last year at CBC's will review coming

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