The Real Inglorious Basterds: Operation Greenup


Operation green up an operation carried out by a special group of men many of called the real life. Inglorious bastards a reference to the two thousand nine quentin tarantino film in which group. Us jewish soldiers plot to assassinate high up nazi leaders operation. Green up. wasn't exactly like the hollywood blockbuster known was catching nazis and carbon swastikas of their foreheads. Hitler doesn't get submachine gun down burning theater that also gets blown up. Gotta love tarantino's over the top devos's otheir was no assassination plan but a lot of daring cinematic. Incredibly courageous moments did go down. There was a cast of characters that feel more like hollywood creations in real people. Sometimes it was an amazing high risk high stakes operation that did truly involves jewish men risking their lives parachuting in behind enemy lines to quote. Kill some nazis. They may not have been pulling off executions in the woods but they did help give the allies valuable intel that saved a whole bunch of lives short version of their story. Is this two jewish refugees. The united states living in brooklyn frederick mayor twenty-three hans wynberg twenty to end up in the office of strategic services the os forerunner to the cia and parachute deep behind nazi lines into the austrian province of tyrol in february of nineteen forty-five their mission to compile reports on german rail. Traffic over the brenner pass between italy and austria. And make sure. The germans don't have a secret alpine fortress and intel. They could glean there would help shape. The allies plans for a final world war two showdown with nazi germany. A third man also pairs you then with them. Franz weber there mark lieutenant. Who had belatedly come to his sentences about the tyrannical antisemitic sociopathic nature of adolf hitler and his war operation. Green up ended up bringing the allies important information shattered some troublesome propaganda. The germans had concentrated a large number of men and weapons in the south could have extended world war. Two's bloodshed by months leading to possibly tens of thousands of additional deaths. Not only that. But after being captured and tortured by gestapo agents in refusing to give any intel frederick mayor also negotiated the peaceful surrender of innsbruck the tyrolian provincial capital to the us seventh army on may third nineteen forty-five saving even more lives.

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