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Welcome to the show. Joseph thank martin. Yeah it's great to have you. I mean i'm. I'm a big proponent of fasting. Some excited to talk about while fasting general today and the fasten making diets but before that could you start off by just giving us a priest deduction about who you are what you do. Yeah again for for the crowd. Peer My name is joseph anton. I'm a. I'm a physician by training and then got my phd. In a couple of master's degree was a geek and early early stages in when it to we've talked a lot about taffy and hacking i went to hack the health. Find a way to move healthcare As you know Kidding me most often people after they become sick and and there's little. You can do. Ben so i wanted to specialize loved unhealthy and public health and honey we were to its prevention and after twenty years. Smuggled me to fasting and it's amazing benefits on Gr- mention and potential setup easily putnam about all. But that's my fashion. I could we by nature and and the doctor bill within us to use our into and to prevent equates for sure. and i'm a big proponent. Also incest with diets and fasting. Stephanie being also part of our ancestors used to live now when it comes to fasting hair definitely plenty of different types out there from the while. I guess the most populous sixty eight intermittent fasting but also one meal a day. Some people prefer alternate day fasting or a five to diets of a fast. Where restrict your calories to just five hundred calories for two nonconsecutive day so we all the way to Multi-day water fast or even for religious reasons like ramadan were not even drinking water during the day of course finding this vescio very own fastening making diets as to rely. Us's longevity institute under dr walter longo and there's been plenty of research testing to fasting overall benefits regarding no javid through cell rejuvenation also known as autophagy as well as of course Carry restriction because that really brings a lot of the benefits that often come with fasting. Who says he really restrict your canneries facet the benefits that definitely diminished by still benefits. And before we get into the ins and outs of all those and as well as the fasten making died i will ask to hear your own take on why one should fast and how one should even start to think about choosing what types of faster integrate into the lifestyle beat for weight loss or longevity reasons for the question in l. how if you won Simplify the the the the millions of types of today and help you an and i would argue some to classify that right so they're See question ask when when When you pick which type of fast that you wanna do. So number one is is the timing during the an intimate in which is typically non few hours. You mentioned sixteen hours Twelve hours fourteen hours sixteen hours eighteen hours all the way to one day or max today. on paper or biologically if she goes up as you're still call it intimate and fasting today. Most people call the sixteen hour five asking. So that's how long went to go versus buff days if you call the fasting and it hasn't been amazing paper published Just three months ago. General review in nature by by holcombe vogel and other another author talking about the differences and benefits between incumbency in the promo and mainly here passing to lose weight. Because you buddy in the first hour of like like if you have company and you have a bank out you don't have revenue through you. Go to the bank account. And the buddy does the same thing goes to deliver for some reserves and and credit and goes to the fast they should censor mitten fasting mainly through depleting the south research and helping the budding in healthy weight. And how and why you want to go into a prolonged fasting and why you hear above five days and and sometimes the to under free days because when the buddy goes beyond beyond the in fact there's not enough then you start the buddy sell to rejuvenate you mentioned the autophagy so the cells are thing. Okay let enough last to look internally inside the the cell to sources of cavalry so the celtics consuming some of the debris org nells tries to fix this out tough woman once you cross day to engaging fell when you engage yourself you impact impacting who you are. You're biologically younger or or fix little bit. And and there's some recent studies showing potential effective while so. This is very important for the thing about few hours. A main improving. My health of crew weighed by tamale bali. Bobbins if i go longer than the two days then. I'm impacting myself. And adding healthy aging rejuvenation autophagy. autophagy became famous because london. Overprice medicine about sixty so first question. How long and question number two. How frequently element you mentioned in five to you mentioned you know the day five so meaning that seventy weeks. Some people. Two days out of the week they tried to do. Fasting would with eating little bit of keller's up to five hundred or succumbed mature male and so that's the frequency question or or if you do several days in a row in In finding to do five two. And it's like it's like you're saying i would send for five and three days and facets good recalibration by the one that we cautiously delta ultimately they fast meaning one that you fast when they don't and the data on up the hasn't been a positive lately in sinoe. Finally the shock. Somebody might is not up. Isn't that an easy. And and you know the buddy is simply is is it loved homeopathic meeting like working coordination harmony and keep talking the buddy the other day. You would call it the yo. You're gonna get a lot of doubts in the buddy will be confused. The microbiome confused on the eating the meat. Or whatever the next thing you're eating plant based from eating and so often facet has been proven to be very beneficial but fine to calibrate or if you wanna do intimate the daily basis for few hours and in here i to open apprentices because a lot of people are going sixteen. Eighteen hours just went to raise a pension to folks that the longer you go say fourteen and sixteen eighteen to and twenty four. I mean this is good to to increase the fabric of long. Go the more you're burden but what a lot of people don't tell you. A lot of experts don't have the puck died and the science. We have steven. They'll tell you the story but what happens to your heart. Pump bed needs to pump every second and now it's harboring for twenty. Four hours has to go to work in the morning and think your muscle that you're taking to anyone increase performance so why it's it's good to lead the five and the five th oregon actually a big threat on the brain session organ so so we the company. An experts and fasting would've commend that. You twelve hours. That's the kidding rhythm. Balance the sun goes down and we're built biologically by the way nobel for medicine of two thousand seventeen after the sixteen and a biological clock. And and our our buddy you know through other pollution and learn how to eat and then how nuts eat for twelve hours and then what you agents keep backing up to five just spended over the next twelve hours.

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