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Channels That elisa doolittle character in my fair lady which i imagined that every speech pathologists every voice coach is intimately familiar with that musical and the beginning of it. They're showing her as a as a poor flower girl and she speaks and people can understand what she saying. Did you say comes. We don't say can't in the united states because that sounds like something. Naughty can't can't can't maybe throw was not supposed to my ears. it should have been. Yeah absolutely well. I mean at one and i ain't old so it caught me whatever to the entree idea it's difficult. It's very difficult Although today you know geographically speaking Levels mobility are suing extraordinary accents or dialect saw beginning to be ironed out. And so it's much easier to be able to specify where people from. Although i find it very interesting that when i'm in the back of a cab in new york city often the driver says to me wearing from where do you think i'm from noon. I put on my best down to the abbey voice. They say south african australian. Have you ever watched downton abbey. Oh my god here. English everything new york city. Everybody's so used to you. Know that sort of sound that ricky as makes we'll open lot roaster s joy. English was your as opposed to allowing each file to have third enunciate to ten dollars. Stewart could be from iowa for all we know in part of it is like you're right now in american culture popular culture. Everybody's very obsessed with ryan murphy's miniseries halston where the great legendary designer who was born in iowa grew up in indiana and talk like this very sophisticated and part of it. I started thinking about this david. Sedaris wrote in his book me talk pretty one day about how common it is for gay men to get speech. Lessons fix their gay lisp. But we've also observed in films like the king's speech where british aristocrats or even the monarchy. And in that film in your life hired voice coaches to get them to speak clearly indeed. Yeah absolutely yeah. I i watched The netflix halston the other evening. I haven't i haven't completed it often in the series. I thought it fascinating the way the the name of the actor. Why does the namely urge thank you so much. Who's yeah smoke. It's like you know any very key found this wonderful turn. You obviously

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