A highlight from RaM Ep 120 S5E1: Mort Dinner Rick Andre


It's very important to conserve that energy brandon. That's good yeah i'm drinking. I'm drinking coffee right now. As a matter of fact. Just so i get the extra boost. You're getting you're going to get you're gonna you're gonna peak you're going to your heart's gonna burst mid episode. Can't wait hello everybody. i'm travel. Hello everybody i am brandon and welcome to the show where we were. We talk about of all things in this world in this life. Rick and morty oh we we. We couldn't be couldn't be happier or more excited to be here with you today of all the things there is to talk about. We're the ones that gets talk about. Rick and so Yeah so so happy. It's it is an exciting time in the phantom of rick. And morty because we have a new episode to talk about it is finally out people have seen it. People have discussed it and and this is our opportunity to discuss it with you. So so thank you for tuning back in if you if you've been gone for a little while welcome back. We're we're so happy to have you back But we have been putting in the work week in and week out. Well month in and month out it's been it's been a long time but but we do have some episodes feel free to go back and check those out and if you miss us in between episodes you can always follow us on social media We have lots of links and places where you can follow of course out on twitter at rick.

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