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The news coming up, too. But first we'll check traffic and weather together from 10 star heating and cooling products. New Fender bender on 2 70 near Worthington. Johnny this we eastbound Easter 23. You got a couple of cars up in this right burn between 23 71. We're only starting to back up a bit towards 23 because of it and take a look at it. So be careful Couple injury accidents coming as well, one of them on Max Town at Polaris, also on No Bixby at Refugee and now Alum Creek in London Grove Port near Rickenbacker still have a blocking accident. 33 east at 2 70 on the Southeast side stated the right to get by traffic sponsored by BP. When you sign up for BP me reward to get five cents off every gallon of gas every time in BP and Amoco stations. That means more savings and more. Well, whatever you'd like to use your savings on Go on, Treat yourself Download. BP Me report Start saving today. Traffic and weather together. Powered by Tim Star in classic air on Johnny Hill, NewsRadio 16 w T V. M. We have yet to have any severe storms or watch or warning for Franklin County this year. I think that changes tomorrow. Strong to severe storms late afternoon into the nighttime hours, 62 Weather powered by the basement doctor. It is 82 in Pickering. Tonight 82 degrees at your severe weather station news radio 6 10 W. T V and with his signature today that the president created a new national holiday Commemorating a day all Americans became free. It is the first federal holiday created an almost four decades celebrating the freedom of all slaves. President, Biden said. Bipartisanship made it happen. We consecrate June teeth for it ought to be, but it must be a national holiday. Vice president Harris

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