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Espn radio the former nba veteran. Joining us on the program. Good to have you back. Thanks for joining us. Let's start at the end of that game. We had all this conversation about. Who's gonna take the last shot for the nets in a million years. If i would have said you know. Bruce brown is going to take that last shot for the nets. What would you have said no. Thanks discombobulated possession obviously a fruit imbalanced. The ball rolls all the way across. Court you know. Bruce had some time to wait for kyrie. Wait for kevin durant to give them that basketball a lot. Bruce brown play great. And this guy's a six four center a point guard. I believe in miami university of miami. And he's come out and he plays the center position. It's incredible But yeah obviously. The possession didn't go like they wanted a tough shot over the top of brook lopez. But i'm just shocked that game eighty six. Eighty three is a bad three-quarters normally for brooklyn eighty three points for the game It was a stunning that. These two offenses were that bad last night. But this is by design for milwaukee. It was a physical game tough game. Do they have to keep that score under one ten and under one hundred if they have any chance of winning this series they would like to You know but typically you're going to have to score to beat brooklyn that's the bottom line up. Even without james harden they get one twenty five in one fifteen. The first two games that was shocking. I mean what would they scored eleven points in the first quarter down. Nineteen after one. Kevin durant doesn't go eleven for twenty eight very often and that won't happen again. So i if. I'm milwaukee do i take confidence out of that that i held brooklyn eighty three and i want. I don't think so still think brooklyn has been by far the better team throughout the first three games and then you have the honest situation. He's not a good shooter. You can't put him on the line. What you were a great free throw shooter your father. One of the great free throw shooters in nba history. What is it happens at the line with some of these players. They almost look paralyzed john. do do some people not like to be the center of attention. Like i'm. i'm not saying you're scared. But you're standing there. You know whatever's in the building twenty thousand or whatever watching you i mean. I played with shah. We will shoot free throws every day. When i was with the lakers and ninety seven he would go eighteen for twenty seventeen for twenty all the time and i don't know the fatigue play into it. I'm not exactly sure but i would say this is get the routine faster. He got called for one last night. Ten second rule. He had thirteen seconds. They gave I will go quicker. Colin montgomerie a great golfer. Right great writer cupper in a he always said the longer you stand over a ball the more bad things are going to get your head so no what you have to do. He knows what he's got to get the ball. Get a routine. That's quick. shoot it. Shoot with confidence and move on. But we see this with ben simmons. I don't think ben has bad form but he doesn't bend at his knees in that there's no fluidity to it. It's these guys get there and they're like stiff and then there's no movement from the ground up he's form is not great of the elbows out a bit I'd rather have form to be quite honest watching you. And maybe some of the nets back there I didn't shoot a jump. Shot from throw line that really struggles years ago. Do you remember wilt. Chamberlain did did. He took jumpers. Well no he. He was at the top of the key. He was so bad. Hal greer played for the seventy sixers. How grier took a jump shot from the free. Throw line oca- yeah. I think my dad talked wilton trying underhand for a minute Guys rebid embarrassed about it but it. It's amazing i mean you bring up. Ben simmons guys be this great basketball and you cannot make it ten foot jump shot or you're not even willing to take it but look ben. Simmons is great escape great player. But i mean isn't like don't you start as a kid. I think he wanted to make a free throw. He could be a great player. i don't think he's a great player. Well he he can control ballgames and be the best player on the floor at times and but that's at the end of a game when i know that he is going to have to shoot a free throw and like he can't shoot a free throw or three pointer freak he can't shoot he can control a game and i wonder is a one or or is he more of a to. Who can rely on our needs to rely on one That's that's a good quite obviously in the playoffs. He hasn't proven to be a one. That's taken his team to where they need to be and look he's he's four for thirty two from the three point line now in the playoffs and last night. I'm i mean i'm not. I have no affiliation with the bucks even though i play their dreaded. Forget my time there. he he. I was like. I'm frustrated watching this like don't shoot a three. I don't care if you're honest. If you're michael jordan i'd be like don't shoot him anymore. I mean it serves no purpose for for thirty two. I mean that's just you can't do it. We're talking to john berry the former nba veteran who apparently played on just about every team in the nba. So just eight. Oh that was in that seven. Maybe seven. the worst stop was milwaukee. Well it was cold and we and we stunk. Okay all right other than that. It was the great great people. Milwaukee and break braatz. Paulie do have. How many games else got john. Barry with eight teams and thirty six starts out of eight hundred and twenty one games. Hey man try coming off the bench for some of these starters and they whine about whatever it's hard to do it's a skill he he. He was on the call last night. Game three between the nets and bucks. He's got the jazz the clippers game three. I'm trying to figure out the clippers year. john. I got to really good wing defenders. Who can't guard anybody on the wings. Help me out here. John and throw in pat beverley. He's supposed to be a superior wing defender and you had luca torture for thirty six a night in sickness. Seven game series and now donovan. Mitchell gets what eighty two points in two games and there were two winnable games. I mean the clippers given credit they come back to twenty one down in the third quarter last night and have an opportunity Coli hasn't really gone off like he did a couple times in the dallas in the dallas series Eat tight lou. Eat he switches it up on a game to game basis. Does the rondo last night. Sometimes he plays you bought sometimes. He plays small sometimes. He plays big he's searching and I'm not sure what the thing i. I feel a lot better. If i was the clippers were the box. Even though they're down to nothing they go home. Who thinks more likely to play for a championship. First devon booker don mitchell. Those two teams are both scary You know obviously. I don't think denver has an opportunity to get out with the loss of jamal.

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