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So go to open lodge at the top of the hour on coast to coast am but we'll go to calls for kelly carlin here in just a second we put a we put a pin in two thousand and six because as kelly was saying there was a period of time in the in george carlin's story arc where physically things began to turn against him and it was kind of right in between some important hbo specials and so what was happening around two thousand six well it just became apparent that his he was suffering from heart failure and he was he'd had a couple of episodes where he ended up in the hospital he he couldn't breathe and it was like the official diagnosis was heart failure and they would give him you know some diabetics and stuff and so it was this very difficult game that you have to do with heart failure around dia radic's and blood pressure and all this kind of stuff and he'd had because of the three heart attacks you know the muscle of his heart was damaged on some level and he has the exact same thing that dick cheney has was diagnosed with and in fact when he he he had a big episode and went to the hospital and they put in a differ bellator pacemaker kind of thing in his chest remember him saying to me like proudly with this like proud smirk on his face like you know hey this is the exact same device dick cheney's got in his you know chess got such a kick out of that but but yeah and it was like it was it was really terrifying because you know as a daughter and only child and my mom had already gone and she died in ninety seven and just to watch this happening this man who had been so vital and so full of energy and so sharp and with the heart failure you know there's just less oxygen getting to his brain and he was becoming more forgetful and it was taking them longer to memorize stuff.

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