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1 78 Generals Highway, A crown's overrode the intersection shut down due to a large tree down across the roadway. That's another thing you may encounter with some of the icy precipitation we had earlier today. There may be some trees hanging low some wires hanging low. Please be extra careful and be cognizant of that being a problem as well. Virginia For now, nothing reported on 66 inside or outside the Beltway. Both 95 3 95 or moving well. Rich 100 of you to be traffic. Now, let's get a check of the forecast or storm seemed for a meteorologist Brianna Berman. Solo. Well, looks like freezing temperatures are still out there, and we're seeing a light snow activity picking up once again where we were even just 30 minutes ago, talking about quite a bit of dry activity or dry quietness out on the radar. Now it looks like light snow flurries are picking back up light to moderate snow still possible, Although we're at the tail end of the Nor'easter for the overnight period through tomorrow morning. Much of this now pushing well to the Northeast 1 to 2 inches still possible for your Tuesday early morning hours, and then we'll see everything wrapping up tomorrow afternoon now will still talk about whether tomorrow afternoon. It's very gusty Tuesday. Wind chills in the teens and twenties tomorrow afternoon. Make sure you're dressed for winter weather. Even though the snow comes to an end. It's going to be cold on Wednesday as well. Check of our current temperatures right now. Warrenton 32 degrees in Frederick 33 degrees and German town 30 degrees. Now we have 34 in Roslyn. This check brought to you by long fence 20% off savings on fences, decks and papers. Go to long fence dot com and schedule your free estimate. Today. It's 11 11. The D C. Government is Father temporary restraining order to prohibit the Washington teacher's Union from talking about any type of work stoppages and connections. A D. C schools reopening tomorrow. Seven page filing was submitted to D C Superior Court in a news conference today, Mayor Bowser said any teacher absent without leave would be in a workplace violations. Just like anybody who sitting here when your.

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