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So the Brewers get Colton long this past week again. Reported. They have not confirmed the signing. I'm sure he's got to go through his physical, which you would think would be no problem to your deals. Third year option on that deal as well. And the Brewers improving a lot of areas they improve second base defense they improve with they're bad at second base, and they improve their bat at first base is well S O. I think there's a lot of areas that kind of you check some boxes off with the acquisition of Colton Wong. I'm not. There's still question marks about this team. There are still question marks about this team. But this is one of the first big questions to be answered so far here in the off season 85561616 28 5561616 20 yanking it. Mortgage talk and text line. You can also tweet at me at Matt. Paulie on Aaron may t t p A U l E Y on air Let's go to Duggan Bear. Boo has given us call You dug your own wtmj. Yeah. Good evening that say, I think it's a great acquisition with long, You know, he's always been a thorn in our side. With the Cardinals coming. The Miller Park was a 308 batting average in the He needs 50. P s and Okay. I guess 15% of his home runs of his lifetime have been in Miller Park. But I had a question. I was trying to find out if it you know, Has anybody from the Brewers said he would be going on. I'm gonna get back that here and now I'm getting excited. But here Then why said he would be going over that just speculation And if so, did you see anywhere? Where he Yura has ever played first base, like in high school or college. You're the miners or any at any time. Yes, sir. The Brewers can't comment on here yet BR Excuse me on on this move yet because it's not officially done. Look, everybody saying that's gonna be here over the first and the Brewers did before this move was made. David Stern's was quoted as saying that if they needed to move testing here the first that is something they could do now. That's All the times a forehand Whenever you've heard him talk. The idea of him moving to first base has never been something. They've even acknowledged that clearly they were deep into negotiations with Wong when Stern's made those comments, so it's I do think it's a It's a safe bet. I'm looking at his numbers right now to see he between I don't I can't speak the high school, Doug But I can speak to is college baseball. U C. Irvine. I can speak to what he did in the West Coast League. I think that summer collegiate baseball, he has never appeared at first base. Okay? Yeah, that Zoe Hey, Speaking of his college on a lighter note, the University of California, Irvine. They're the Anteaters. Yeah. That's a weird It's a weird name. Anyway. Yeah. Look, that's one that looked like it was solidifying the infield. We get the third baseman in the nice guy you talked to last week. Uh, you know, maybe maybe he'll be the guy, Iet's Yeah, Maybe I appreciate phone call Doug. And for those who are one, sir what Doug was referencing last week. We had Daniel Robertson on the program. He's one of the newest brewers and, um, look, He's a question mark at third base, and there's no his overall career numbers. Don't tell you that he's going to come in and be the everyday third baseman. I love his attitude on. He's somebody I like I like guys, who at one point where top level prospects because they don't become top level prospects for no reason. And Robertson When he was coming up. He was a top level prospect. He has not played to that level yet at the at the major league level, But there are guys who are his age there in the late twenties. He's 27 28 something like that. There are guys who have those breakthroughs at that age, right there in the late twenties, for whatever reason there late bloomers and I think more often than not When you have those late bloomers, guys are able to kind of stick around. And then finally Breakthrough. It's the guys who at one point in time were the top level prospects and for whatever reason that star faded a little bit from a brewer standpoint, it would be fantastic. If that happens with with Robertson, is there a chance that they still go out and make another move? Robert Murray baseball insider used to cover the Brewers for the athletic, He tweeted out just a little while ago. Brewer's still in play for free agent third basement Justin Turner, even after agreeing to deal with Colton Wong most view that Dodgers is the favorite for Turner, but the Brewers are interested. That's not what I want to be super optimistic about that, because when it's the Brewers and the Dodgers, we know which one of those teams has the ability to spend more money where the Brewers are able to sign guys in the same way. They got it. Yes, Money grand off a few years back. It's when the market is not there for somebody, and then they want to come to Milwaukee on a one year deal where they'll make a little bit more money than what they were gonna make anywhere else and try to reset the market for them going into the next year. If Turner has that exact same attitude. And the Dodgers are still interested in him. Can the Brewers actually offer him a little bit more money than the Dodgers To get that one year deal Or does he go back to the Dodgers on a one year deal for for whatever they're going to offer and try again? I do think it's interesting that Colton alongside the two year deal, and if I was, Ah, If I was somebody on the free agent market, who was young enough right now that I still had an opportunity to go cash in at some point, I think I probably just rather Get a two year contract as well, because not only is this offseason a really tough off season next off season has the potential to be incredibly tough because of the collective bargaining agreement and just everything's going to be up in the air. So from Wong's perspective Hopefully for him from him. He's not back onto the market until things start to kind of normalize and stabilized Once again. 85561616 28 5561616 20 that is the accurate mortgage talking tax line. You can also tweet at me at Matt Paulie on air M A T T P A U L E Y on Eric's Brewers weekly. Back with more Brewers weekly After this, this monumental moment in black history is sponsored by Tayback Law, Thurgood Marshall's heir.

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