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Have to do is go to Dave Janet dot com go to the sponsor section at a minimum I suggest that you email or even drop a phone call to those sponsors that have your freedom and your liberty close to their heart you know a lot of companies talk about freedom and their support of freedom yet when it comes time for them to if you will Andy up for them to step forward they run away every one of our sponsors supports your freedom and your liberties twenty four seven you know just one of our sponsors up Dave I had a birthday this week and my kids knowing full well what dad really loves when they brought over my favorite meal they want to nice restaurants night restaurants dot com and they brought down a steak and I encourage you now that R. two deleterious governor has decided to open up restaurants starting tomorrow June eighth I think one of the first places you should go yeah baby can be Kerry out or it can be a dine in nice restaurants dot com I also suggest that you you visit our our website Dave ten dot com for all of our sponsors and again thank them for their support of your freedoms and your liberties and they are the best in their respective businesses I suggest you also look at those organizations and and purchase products from them because supporting them help support your freedom and your liberty my next guest is someone who's a friend and someone who provides a service that the listeners have gotten in touch with me every time she comes on and says you know Susan blaze made an enormous positive difference in my life and they state what really scared me was the fact that I really didn't realize how I was putting my family in harm's way by not tending to the issues that Susan discusses such as long term planning let me give you a little background on on Susan Susan blaze has been an insurance advisor for over thirty years he's a certified long term care professional she's helped thousands of people be in control of their futures by preparing for long term care she is a member of the national association of independent financial advisors which provides on going education for professionals who.

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