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Room on the second part of my question is where exactly is he gonna play for magister city. I think the first question question is is obviously a very valid point in of breaking the mold and and stepping hundred million mile. What i would still suggest as it. Yes jot greenish starkville under the huge clamor for him. Excuse me to play for england. I don't even think he's at sixty percent of his potential on us. I honestly don't i don't dots. What i think yes. It's a hundred million people. People will be saying well. You don't go and spend a hundred million on potential first of all you all you. You'll you'll the price is prepared to pay by the time. Guardia is finished. With jack jack relish. I think we're going to one hundred million pounds ago. I was a drop in the ocean on. I always say in football teams. It's crazy but it's the way the world is why we are and and obviously you know i know that the pandemic has slowed things down for certain same's bolt i think he's potentially my sister and i think the yes. They've spent all of this money. But i don't think jealous anywhere near as true potential. Yeah so we've gotta remember sorry. Sorry just across you so you don't think like my worry is that he's going to be subsumed into this city system and he's going to become another part or a coggin assists and that the individuality is going to be sucked out of him. You you see at the opposite. I the opposite. Because i go examples and i go off the broiler. His is a great. He's injuries abuse played in multiple positions. I'll give you the best midfielder in the world at the moment you look. You look players. That are improving all the time. You look one. There's no way that any of the three of those would would have said that he would have been mentioned as talk google scholar. I look at ryan sterling. Okay you know. A few people have said that you know we had a little bit quiet time. But there's no doubt in the that his ability as common as well mall resumes. Well i think his ability. I think he's among. I look at this just to sit team and i don't think i can't i can't name. Many play is already plays. Haven't improved under the coaching of audio la. You know. there's the argument of people say about about mendez. Mendez really struggled with injuries. But if i look at every of the playa from boxer from every single position plays of improved on what people tend to forget. Is the the question that you happiness at the moment. Is jack readers fence this team whereas defense for this team while let's look plays the commencement squad has been at the club only really been you. Look at dias on looker. Edison over the that. I don't think there's been to many places that have been in the starting eleven Five thirty games in a row they will slowly but surely integrate because guardiola's as specific style of play. And i think the the place have to adopt is unique in the way that he plays the methods that he has so any play to the club they have to learn the ropes first and then they grow from strength to strength from from that but i have no doubt that greenish in two years from now will be a completely different jack than what we've got. Now i remember speaking. Dane smith When when jack greenish was avila when they're in the championship on tv now injured. For a while. And i remember speaking that news. Actually before we played the dhabi against local rivals birmingham say and creations. Coming back from injury and dean smith given in the sinc- and i said dean smith at the time aside. You know it have you given. I've given him the cops and state because you want answer remained at the club because his bench benches from premier league teams. He's like no. I've given him the cut since because he is. A leader is a leader on the pitch. And he's a leader in the dressing room. I'm then the following game. That i did was booming. Verse is in its without fun. Run onto the pitch and smarts in and smacked him. Yes right and most players would have been really shaped from now. He grew from that and he got the winner. Now in the second half. And that's hold. That showed me a lot about john greeley so when we talk about job greece we talk about the ability that he's got we talk about. You know how good he is on. The bali sister makes the goals that you skulls were is very rarely taught rally talking about is his leadership skills because nobody defines him as lead bought when you when you get to the nuts and bolts of it and you got to get speech manager. That's managing him and you see a different side of. That's going to be to while taking into consideration as well and i just think the like may be proven wrong but i think on admitting is gonna sing is going to treat in a couple of years just because of the play that john greeley the amount of room i think yes for growth. On the coach. He's working under as well. Danny just a couple more for For you here. Yeah so generous with your time Harry kane. I've gone back and forth on this so many times is he right is he. Wrong is levy. Right is levy wrong tottenham should sell. They shouldn't help me. Where do you do you stand with this situation. Who's right who's wrong. What should they do. I need guidance. Here i go back to the two thousand eighteen. When when he signed a six year contracts. I think it was. I think it was from two thousand eight thank was he signed a new six year contract so he's contradicts a settlement the for another three years straight away that that makes it very difficult to move. I think we're in a unique period. A football to the moment why role. The narrowly plays got three years. Left on his contracts goes down to two years. A significant chunk called fish. Trump's spoke they will have been reduced. I don't think that's going to be the case with hurricane. I think that we're now looking at a point Probably it could potentially fold him. I think we fast forward a year. Those those clubs are still going to be able to afford him financially. Football is gonna be in a better position. So i think we're in a unique position. Hurricane with three is less than his contract is gonna be worth the same with two left charts because of what's going on in the world amounts. I think that's something that goes against hurricane. I think the fox the when they signed. Then you come shot what they should have done Which i think is something that the really come hot was have a a cell was how a buyout clause in now..

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