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Starting to stretch of some really mild air also some sunshine So sunny nice on Wednesday highs mid 40s to 50 I'm storm team four meter all just Michelle Grossman It is 35° in Gaithersburg 37 in Arlington and 35 in lanham at three 40 In recent years there has been a debate in Maryland about the best way to ensure the safety of disabled children in their school classrooms Now there's growing support for a bill that promises to do just that It would require every special at classroom in public schools to have a camera It comes after a federal investigation found disabled children in Frederick county schools were improperly detained or secluded thousands of times According to our news partner Marilyn matters that county's board of education is now throwing their support behind the bill so are parents who testified at a recent hearing about their children coming home with unexplained bruises children who are often nonverbal and can't tell their parents what happened Supporters of the bill say it would also protect teachers from erroneous accusations and this iteration of the bill also makes short teachers aren't monitored without cause This is the third time the bill is being put forward by democratic delegate Michele guyton Shayna stolen W two P news A man is dead after a shooting in Colombia Howard county police say it happened on Hickory logs circle around 8 o'clock last night Police say they found a man in a parking lot suffering from gunshot wounds He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead Anyone with information is asked to call police The hotel industry is on its way to a recovery but there's still a long road ahead In the district alone hotel room revenue took a hit of nearly $3 billion over the past two years and almost 9000 jobs were lost in 2021 alone That's according to a report released by the American hotel and lodging association Now looking ahead this year hotel occupancy nationwide is expected to approach 2019 levels Folks heading on vacation are expected to drive recovery and remote work has made for more flexible travel options but business travel is down And this year's job loss rate is projected to be around 7% across the industry The association says a full recovery is years away but the trend is positive Melissa Howell W TOP news Build back better is President Biden's signature social spending and climate package It took a big hit late last year when a key democratic swing vote senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia dropped his support after months of negotiations Democrats are still hoping to resurrect it which got this reaction from senator Manchin on CNN's State of the Union today The bill backed better as it has been presented over what the last 7 8 9 months That Bill no longer will exist My biggest concern in my biggest opposition it did not go through the process That process could take months leading the package in limbo President Joe Biden joined union members at iron workers local 5 and upper Marlboro Maryland on Friday where he signed an executive order that gives construction workers new protections for federally contracted projects According to The White House the executive order requires federal construction contracts worth more than $35 million to use project labor agreements The order goes into effect immediately Sports is next Three 43 why is anova the only health system in Virginia with proton therapy Because we're pro patients giving them the most advanced options to treat their cancer We're.

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