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Hello and welcome to our Vegas Nation podcast. It's been a long time but we are back baby the off season when we're here to do with we're going to preview the twenty eight teams Graf I have the raiders beat writer Michael Jokin in-studio talking about of course the two thousand eighteen and also would John Brunner's done thus far Lynn is got to be special we have Michael Belkin in studio of course the raiders beat writer all the way from Alameda to Las Vegas my man is good to see you happy to be here every time a chance to be in Las Vegas reminds me that it's all for something in terms of living in Oakland which is great but these writers are coming here and it's good to be here it's actually when it happened okay all right something else that is going to happen the two thousand eighteen draft is going to happen John Going to put his official stamp on the team before we get to that what what do you think about what coach group has done thus far as far as putting his stamp on the Oakland Raiders it's been incredible he's been busy and that interest him other coaches the staff the front office but look at this raiders Rosser already more than twenty moves have been made since the start of March the twentieth editions I should say that's not including the releases like Michael Crabtree that was a big move trading Jimmy Amaze all Awali Trading Cordeiro Patterson leading marquette king goat and he wound up with the Denver Broncos so all this movement through it all you see a lot of veterans a lot of veterans who are thirty and up coming onto this roster more experience at some critical spots this is part of what Jon Gruden wanted he wanted some experience guys who played football he felt the right way to really instil type culture he wants in his locker room additions ever made now you mentioned a few key additions and subtractions won a Lotta people will talk about you here on on blogs and everything else market king in Him lady him go obviously he's an all pro punter is one of the best punters in all the football and he goes to a team that's in the division what were your thoughts on the fact that they let him go and just gruden's explanation for letting him go well I don't know if gruden spoken publicly about it yet but what I've been told from speaking to win Silverman that's okay canes agent he and I spoke shortly following the release being made and his conversations with the raiders outlined seems to be a change in philosophy when it come comes to how much money they're willing to spend this year at Hunter Marquette Cain you is fantastic and he was due two point eight million dollars in salary four reason with two point eight million dollars they're going to probably spend maybe a quarter of that when it's all said and done look for the raiders to draft a punter before they actually released Marquette King I'm told rich barrage of the special teams coordinator he went to Texas and before the pro day interview or privately worked out Michael dicks Then you also privately worked out some other punters including the one in Alabama so before the R- Roy for the raiders were deciding to okay let's move on from market Ken even save some money they I took a good look at this draft class salt was available and felt comfortable moving forward to a younger cheaper option. Okay now some of the additions like to get your take on those As well Jordy Nelson basically coming in for Michael Crabtree so to speak and the muscle hamster on that he doesn't like the name okay can I call Mr Martin then okay the muscle I liked the muscle hamster he can't get to me in Las Vegas that's true what are your thoughts on a couple of the guys in the added to the thought Jordy Nelson move was significant for the raiders for a number reasons even looking to move on from Michael Crabtree word of that one for months outside enjoy Nelson enabled the team to do that some will ask what does George Nelson have left on the other side of thirties coming off of an especially productive year raiders say well Aaron Rodgers was hurt for much of that year the broken clavicle Edgar Bennett the teams wide receivers coach now was the wide receivers coach. Offensive Coordinator in Green Bay so nobody maybe more well verse in what Joy Nelson can and cannot do at this stage in his career so the fact that Edgar Bennett signed off Tampa gruden Tampa Blah Blah Blah. I believe he's been in the League for I want to say about six years or so the two years in which he played sixteen games he rushed for more than fourteen hundred yards the other four seasons he didn't reach five hundred yards and so when he's healthy when he's right he's we've seen what.

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