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One key San Joaquin county the public health services has now confirmed that their case is there in that county have exceeded a hundred and when they were asked to specifically provide the ages of those individuals their gender city how covert nineteen was acquired the agency was also asked to provide the number of hospitalizations the number of patients who required ventilators how many resided in nursing homes how many stayed in home to recuperate how many have recovered the U. county health officials have declined we're not sure why they are declining but is there something that we should be looking at in Sam one keen county in California they have repeatedly cited HIPAA but that's not something that I I don't think other counties are I don't think other counties are are doing their job we're not asking for we're not asking for the you know names and addresses of people which we have to get into stew I don't know if you saw what happened in with the New York times but they were monitoring people's movements in Seattle did you see that story yeah yeah yeah that that we did okay just on that last night that's I mean it's a but it was a very strange thing in there they're talking about now finding like gatherings it like I think it was I think was in Brooklyn to where they they identified because of cell phone data a gathering that these sent authorities to base it on on on on the right sense and based in The New York Times said well no this was just all meta data we're not like anybody specifically and then in the article and look at this person that lives here they went from three miles to sixty one feet wait what I mean it is we have to get into that as well the reason why I bring up San Joaquin Valley is there is a a very important military base or or depot if you will in this area is the DD J. C. which is their mission is to provide all the receive the store and a ship government own supplies and equipment to the military customers in all of the western U. S. and the entire Pacific theater of operations Hey this is our strategic platform the west coast Cobb hub of all of our all of our military operations so if we ever go to war in the Pacific this is the supply line okay and this is right down the street from this Walmart that you might have seen it yesterday in a Twitter feed now I don't want to jump to any conclusions here I just think we should be opening our eyes to things and I'm going to insist that I'm I'm I think there's evidence that is mounting that what China has what we're experiencing now is close to an act of war they obviously knew much more than they were telling the rest of the world so the rest of the world was just not prepared the C. I. A. now is looking into the numbers in China we know they lied to us and they lied horribly today I'm gonna show you who's involved the W. H. O. is absolutely involved in this we cannot trust the W. H. O. and I will show you why tonight on our Friday exclusive on the blaze TV please.

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