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Thesis is Bloomberg. Daybreak Asia cases 119 arriving around the world, but they're not rising in China. Just having that vaccine available doesn't necessarily mean it's backed off their half ahead. You've been countries they'll way ahead off the agent, developing countries in terms of finance, technology and capacity their club to the world. Really have missed of a double dip recession. Bloomberg Daybreak Asia live from Hong Kong and New York on Bloomberg Radio. It's just now 11 in the morning and Tokyo. We've got the equity market, though, trading down and that will go on the lunch break in the bottom of this hour if you're joining us from the region. Good morning, I'm Doug prisoner at the Bloomberg Interactive Brokers Studio in New York. And John Paul Allen in Sydney. We're just gone 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon and we're seeing a bit of weakness on the air six off about half of 1%. In fact, there's only a couple of stocks higher right now, and it seems to be risk off around the region. Brian Curtis has got a closer look, Brian Yeah, there was that line about China collecting anti subsidy deposits on Australian wines. Us. That's one thing hitting the markets. But really, the mood is just kind of selling today and taking a few profits and reducing risk. A little bit is still a long way before we get to The finish line, and I don't even know what is the finish line. Paul. It's just that once the vaccine is delivered, one stimulus is rolled out across the board up Until then, it's just trying to gauge the time in the next year, the Nikkei all 4/10 of 1%, the SX 200, down a half of 1%. Most of the markets trading down in that range, similar losses in Taiwan in Singapore here in Hong Kong. We see bigger losses, though in tech and for instance, the hang Sang tech index is not trading down 1.4% Today both 10 Cent and Ali Baba are trading lower and a C technology one of the apple suppliers only the smartphone suppliers down 3.1% today. China's credit came in strong in November, although growth ease dislike Lee as the economy showed signs of strong recovery, so in others. In other words, China will put less pressure on the banks to roll out the loans as the economy is getting better. We also this one today, breaking that she want Unit Group says it won't be able to repay the principal in a $450 million bond. And this is a dollar bond Do Tate do today that trigger will cost him cross defaults on a further $2 billion of debt. Now, this is the first dollar bond default by the Chinese chipmaker earlier. Had defaulted on a bond a local bond back in mid November. Dalian Right now, one of 4 28, the Bloomberg Our spot in next holding up the yield on the 10 year. 92 basis points Doug to you, Thanks, Bryant well here in the states, antitrust officials and a coalition of states Are suing Facebook for illegally crushing competition. Now, if the FTC does prove Facebook violated antitrust law, a federal judge could break up the company. Here's Bloomberg's Kurt Wagner on how significant all of this could be. This is threatening to take away two of the real pillars of what Facebook has become in not being, of course, Instagram and WhatsApp, which, while it does not yet generate much revenue, hardly any revenue Facebook sees this is a really important part of it. Future at the end of the New York session. We had chairs in Facebook down just about 2% of all. House speaking Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin have expressed optimism that a covert 19 relief deal is within reach. Munition told reporters that stimulus talks with both parties quite constructive and he's quote cautiously hopeful we can get something over the finish line. Bloomberg, Stephen Dennis's Republicans and Democrats are deadlocked over just a couple of key issues. They're still parking, especially about how tow finance this legal liability question, which is a must have for the Republicans alongside the state local aid issue, which is something that the Democrats really want. The signs to live in a more detailed summary of their proposal for covert 19 relief, but largely follows the outline of initial of $908 billion proposal, but there is still no agreement. The proposal also competes with a plan from the notion that leaves out supplementary jobless benefits. Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called that unacceptable. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blasted their response, saying, it's a sign that they don't want to compromise that. Paul, do you remember the UK wide referendum back in June? 2016 we guess the word door. The term Brexit entered our vernacular. It's still ticking. It's still ticking. Isn't it? British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and eat you Commission President Ursula von early in our now giving Brexit negotiations One more time. Ed Baxter covering the story from the Bloomberg 9 60 newsroom in San Francisco, having Douglas, You bring such fond memories back to May I actually we covered that the life we did the platform. Yeah, and we did it together, and we sat there and we kept looking at this and we had all the All of the metrics on you know that Brexit was going to go down and kept going through and saying, Wow, all that looks, uh, it one and here we are. It's still still fighting through it. It looks at least Sunday, at least as a new post Douglas after the dinner of lumber examine, Chandra says. Both sides said there were still wide gaps about the things were very positive. Now we've also heard from both sides of the discussion was robust that it was lively. Some of our colleagues in Bloomberg News also reporting from some officials on the European Union sighting that they think they could. Get to a deal, but that's not in the official text or read out from that dinner this evening. Yeah, Emma says Sunday's deadlines decide whether there's enough progress to continue or just to talk or Just prepare for a hard Brexit French president Manu Micron, they had a phone conversation with China's President Xi Jinping. Today, they both say developing a better relationship is important to the globe. U S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo still taking shots of China. Says the Chinese Communist Party is poisoning the well of US higher education. He says U. S universities They're letting China Steel American science and technology and stifle criticism return for funding from Beijing. With FDA emergency use authorization for the Fizer vaccine expected tomorrow in the U. S. The head of Operation Warp speed, Lieutenant General Paul Ostrowski says that trucks are going to roll out Fizer, Kalamazoo. The trucks will roll right out of there to the nearest airports will begin distributing the vaccines across the entire country to locations that the jurisdictions have requested. Now they say, 2.9 million doses will go out. They'll hold half until the second shot could be administer. Then move on. And it appears the Trump administration has been caught well a bit short and HHS Secretary Alex Cesar says now expanding acquisition efforts and talks with Visor and Moderna to pressure them to get vaccines to U. S interests. Brand new Bloomberg analysis shows the U. S ranks behind 31 other countries in pre purchase doses per person. And Bloomberg's Drew Armstrong says it is a different ball game now because everybody is piling on and seeking those contracts, Million doses that are going to be that they've agreed upon buying and a possibility of adding on 500 more than 500 million mark. The problem is that you have to then go and negotiate. Individually those ad on purchases that it wants to do. It's not necessarily at the from the line in front of other people on DIT doesn't necessarily have the terms of delivery set on those, whereas there other contracts where it does have more preferential treatment that it may be able to rely upon. But then you have other issues. Potentially. Yeah, and I got an email earlier today from a buddy of mine. I think Paul Allen, uh said, are you Are you watching this? The space X starship mission? Um, wealth. Um, it didn't turned out, I I think is we wanted it's being called a success. Though the odds of a soft landing we're not thought to be a good in now. This is the The ship that Elon Musk hopes the rocket when it goes through All of these tests will take a man crew to the moon. And then maybe to a musk moon. Mars will it was coming down. Yeah, pieces,.

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