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Good morning torres. Today is saturday february. Thirteenth twenty twenty one the waning moon rises and pisces bringing fresh energy to the entire zodiac use. This small spark of inspiration to reinvest in goals that you've maintained so far this year. This is torres today. A spotify original from podcast. If you're feeling anxious depressed are overwhelmed. Better help offers licensed online counselors who are trained to listen and help connect with your counselor through secure video phone chat or text. Join the one million. Plus people getting help with better help and horoscope today. Listeners get ten percent off your first month at better help dot com slash horoscope today. That's better h e l p dot com slash horoscope today. Let's speak in your day. The moon rises in your eleven. Th house helping you to feel confident among friends consider who amplifies the stress mood. And who makes you question whether you're even on the radar you know who deserves your energy. Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships do you have a crush on a capricorn. This is one of the most natural easy pairings in the zodiac strike up a conversation about career goals and let them see how pragmatic you are. They'll love someone who knows to look good and build a savings account. Contemplate your path to personal growth. Your career might be on track right now but don't lose. The momentum built last year. Keep and growing imagining. What could be possible instead of focusing.

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