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Voice for the first time he's been very material very elusive the one thing he did say though is that you need to solve the peace process in terms of a broader regional strategy and i think that he people didn't really drill done but i really think that's key here john sopol you wanted to chime in y'all i was just struck by we've talked about jared kushner in the central rowett he is meant to be playing in the peace process i kind of maybe i've been brought up on old days of the kremlin and who would be sitting next to whom on the red square parade but i was struck that jared kushner wasn't there when donald trump made his announcement he's not sending jared kushner to the recent a region to sell what has just been announced he selling sending the vice president mike pence and i was there for the and a who was there for the announcement on i'm just wondering is jared kushner's still as central as we think he is we know about this relationship that he has built up with muhammad bin salman in saudi arabia but is he making progress and does he think the it advances the peace process uh what the president announced on wednesday baton could i ask you also before we move on from israel and we we may yet come back to it but i did wanna make sure i asked you about the aspect of the embassy moving from tel aviv to jerusalem that's a little more up in the air at the moment but can you talk about what's what goes into that for is is is it a difficult move would that be contested on the ground like a picked at a part for us a little bit for social keep in mind this is actually what triggered the decision basically a 1995 a congress passed a law requiring the relocation of their embassy from tel aviv where it is right now to jerusalem and ever since the president's just sign a sixmonth earlier waiver every six months delaying this area location and that's what we were up to the beginning of this week when it was time for trump to to renew this waiver and that's why he decided to go forward with this move of basically in.

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