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Of the podcasting in the winter edition r._j. Buddy welcome to the encouragement ride podcast brought to you with limited or no commercial interruptions live and direct correct from our beautiful home in gluckstein mississippi. Would your hosts those festive fashion forward fully formed friends the holly jelly shop local by golly do hello the quarter ton of writing fund jimbo rallied and kelvin jones taking away boys. Hey jimbo rayleigh. I'm with kelvin jones and we are reviving or pumping air into the girds me ride podcasts. We've been gone a little bit. We'll go into that in just a minute but <hes> calvin what's up in the chilly chilly chilly sound. I'm sorry were you again. I'm jimbo rayleigh podcast. All yes bad yeah. The encouragement right podcast have forgot all about that how you been doing. I've been doing good man doing good yeah. Welcome to the winter edition of the encouragement ride. We're going to encourage you to get through the winter tonight. Well we're going to you know for you. Who likes for for you guys. You'd like to ride in the wintertime or like a ride in the dark now that the time has changed. We're going to go through some helpful hints. Talk a little bit about what you should wear. <hes> maybe some safety features like headlamps and that sort of stuff and just be careful. That's the that's the main thing and that's it. Yeah we are just a couple of days away from christmas this must oh and.

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