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Um, for the overall MLS if we just dropped down to the Tri County area, right, So Travis Williamson and Haze where most of the Austin's m s a is There's 671 actives and 4600 and 81 Pending Is that ratios 810.14 So I would assume there's more than 671 people looking for houses right now. Yes, I wonder what the average days on market that 6 71 is. Probably not many. Yeah, not too much. So it Zapruder brutal out there. We're running into a multiple offers really across pretty much all price ranges. I just had to some stats and to me earlier today in the round rock area over the last two weeks, the average list price to the close price. Was $32,000 average higher. So for what somebody listed it for what it actually closed for last month was $62,000 higher than it was actually listed. That was the average on that. That means that there's more out there that were higher than obviously some of them were lower than that. You're that chart is that closings from January I believe it was closing from January. Yes. So those went under contract in December, right? These are real executive. This is before court. This is before the surge like that's what I'm saying. Like about, uh, 20 days ago. Things have just really significantly seriously. No house that was listed a certain point, and it actually went for 400,000 more than listening prize almost 40% higher, then was actually listed for so I mean, it's crazy out there on day. Do you see any other neighborhoods around town that are immune from this? From what's happening. Um, downtown condos are still haven't gone. While there's some stories. It's that market has started to turn back on, and we're seeing that activity increase. But wild multiple bidding things against each other are not quite happening there yet. So is there an opportunity for people? You think I think this would be a very pretty good time to buy downtown? Interesting? All right, Let's take a break. Hey, wanna remind everybody we are taking calls? 51283605 90 That's 512836. 05 90. If you want to know what your particular neighborhood has actually been doing, Give us call 51283605. Daddy, don't forget in collar text to that and will comment and tell you what that neighborhood is actually doing right now In that hotness ratio. You listen to the real estate zone will be right back like what you're hearing. Would you like to have John McClellan or Kevin Bounds Work with you.

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