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CBS News on the hour your home for original reporting. I'm Cam E. McCormick. Jobless benefits for millions of Americans expired overnight, creating a lot of anxiety. It's the difference between being able to pay my bills with, you know, with what I'm collecting or not paying my bills with what I'm collecting my unemployment's almost run out. My bank is almost empty already. So can they reach an agreement in Washington? They'll try again starting this hour. His correspondent Nancy Cordes, House speaker and the White House chief of staff are meeting again. But they both said that they're still very far apart both on unemployment benefits and on the broader rescue package that will include funding for schools and testing and local governments. A federal moratorium on evictions also expired overnight. Hurricane Zaius is moving closer to Florida right in the midst of its surging corona virus cases, and that means hurricane preps are more crucial than ever hears correspondent Manuel Bohorquez. Some Miami Dade County hurricane shelters are on stand by with the potential to provide separate quarters for those who are currently infected. Governor Rhonda Santa's said the state has a supply of personal protective gear at the ready as well as generators for nursing homes at risk of losing power. They have 20 million mass 22 million gloves. 10 million gowns. 1.6 million Face shields 270,000 cover alls in 20,000 thermometers. The people of Boston, stunned by an appeals court decision that overturned the death sentence for the Boston Marathon bomber, Kim Tunnicliffe of W. B Z reports. Most of the people I spoke with express shock. I'm very surprised, given the seriousness of the crime and how shocking that was when it happened. Michelle from born didn't hold back when I asked her if she agreed with the death sentence being overturned. Earned. I think.

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