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Accumulation two to four inches. That'll be told her with temperatures falling into and through the twenties for AccuWeather, I'm John Feerick and usually attend twenty. Katie k. Newsradio ten twenty. It is the voice of Pittsburgh, high has everybody ban. I hope you had good time since last we spoke which was last night. But don't worry. Don't worry I between on the last night. And right now, I've come up with more stuff. I'm no squawk about you're welcome. Actually, you're encouraged to be a part of the squawking. And I'm looking down my list, and there's a lot of different directions. We can go with their squawking. And that makes me happy was always the plan of the smorgasbord as a kid. My name's Eddy crow. Chris Moore has the day off. So it's just you and me and there's plenty on smorgasbord choose from ours as deputy dug a small just broad way down didn't trigger anybody with that. There's a simple question. I'll get to that. At the end, we are going to discuss or I am you are if you call or you text or Email shutdown part as in two. Not to go. John Gerard on you. Direct from formula. The White House. Let it be known today that it's all going to be fine with a second shutdown. If it comes down to that. Here's one simple question. Explain to me how that would work in the benefit of the administration. We didn't talk about marijuana or heard earlier. Here's a general rule when you're talking about marijuana general rule their exemptions. But more often than not what I'm about to tell us. Correct. If the person talking about marijuana phrases it with a massive pause in the middle Mara. Lana. You can go ahead and bet your last two dollars that the comments about it ain't going to be particularly positive. It's the scene from the original where the buffalo roam when Laszlo the attorney played by Peter boils in court representing the kids. They got busted. Marijuana mayor Juan all yours Laszlo and side note, the police officer the LA county cop that's on the stand that being questioned by Peter Boyle has Laszlo very young and clean cut. Craig t Nelson. All right. I made it eight minutes into the show or eight minutes into the hour without drift. And that's a new record eight six six three nine one ten twenty. If you wanna call come or you want to tax. That's also the right automotive tax line. They're serious things. Talk about what I'm referencing old weird movies. You remember red dawn? You remember red dawn? Right. We had a low red dawn incident going on oddly enough in the Pacific northwest u s and Canadian fighter planes scrambled to escort Russian jets. We got to talk about also what's going on in Venezuela right now. And why I don't know why this happens. But it does. If you don't talk with an accident don't put the accent on a word just because it's gonna usually come with the accident. If I talk like this. But in the middle of I say Caracas Caracas, we're going to talk about Venezuela their problems, they access. S sound like an idiot. I mean, more so than typical eight six six three nine one ten twenty to call or text. If you wanna Email, it is the dollar Bank instant access Email. Aide Katie a radio dot com. We are going to talk about marijuana because the weed discussion tour. Is happening in the Commonwealth right now..

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