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To e for violating sanctions against iran and north korea president trump and pledged to help c t as part of trade negotiations with china denise pellegrini bloomberg daybreak asia china is indicating it what us its currency as a weapon in trade walls we get more on that from bloomberg's yvonne man people's bank of china governor ye gong says china will keep again exchange rate basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level and some qualifying head of the central banks financial research institute says the currency is recent decline is a result of external uncertainties and not what caused by beijing deliberately weakening it to gain an advantage over the us neil mackinnon global macro strategist btv capital says watch what the un does not what policy makers say maybe this is as far as we've gone for now but the real risk is not just a trade war but an outright currency war bloomberg intelligence says it's not clear where china will draw the line on a weakening gin but it says what does appear to be clear is that managed is coming back into the un's managed float in hong kong i'm yvonne man bloomberg daybreak asia all right six minutes here past the hour it's time for a news update the us senate intelligence committee says that russian president vladimir putin did indeed have a hand in meddling in the two thousand sixteen election ed baxter has that story and the rest of the global news from our bloomberg nine sixty san francisco newsroom ed yeah exactly what it says brian the only by partisan congressional investigation into russian meddling backing the intelligence community findings blue bloomberg's jobs object indeed the russians have meddled in the us election at with the approval of mccutchen and the the effort was in fact favoring president trump now did not find collusion with the trump administration but it said it does show a tie between what the russians wanted to have happen in the election and what did happen some us republican senators in moscow on a mission to improve relations ahead of the summit between the presidents senator john kennedy says he has a request for me.

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