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Swallowed him. Was so crates once unleashed. You swallowed Peter Griffin. Here is here. Newly spit. We're still going to continue to dream if that's okay because otherwise we'll have to say goodbye to you. I might go in and out. Well, expedient going into now, let's go into a commercial and out of this show. We'll be right back with more comedy bang bang Q break. Comedy, bang bang. We're back here with everyone and couple of new people walked into the room. And they are inventors they tell me, please, welcome. Dennis Denison, Dennis crock. Hello, I great to be here. Thanks for having us here. Great to be here. Pleasure. -tunities for us to be on the show. Yes. Also, take to explain who we are closer doing where we're going. Sure did that do do at least one of them. What we're all about. What gets us curious? What gets you curious like to receive information we like to give for Mason. Mation for two months to cover. Yet the day going have a little breakfast. Get the energy up and see where it hands slide into the afternoon receive all the blessings from God that helps our day go room into the night after the sun goes down. Okay. Try to get sleepy. Take a couple of Tylenol pm get into bed say our prayers and hope we can fall asleep for a minimum of thirteen. I was gonna say you cut to the after noon really quickly. So you're you're the most of. Morning is pretty much eleven forty two noon, boom slide in the episode. Hi, I'm Dennis crock. I'm Damis crowd. Dane daynuss. Let's spell our names for you. I think that'd be fun. I think we all know. But you don't don't d- e a an AS last name crock. You probably familiar with it Ray, Kroc C, R C. Name is your name is Dennis. But spill. Santa. Glassberg act as well. Get to be. We're trying to throw. So in that famous very difficult for me. I get knowledge cooling. Mrs Claus over your need it, and it's probably relevant. But I think you're currently asleep. Morpheus dream also have. All of you, all of you in my name is Dana right, which is spelled D A E N A S, and my last name is crock CRO, see, what are you? What have you invented? The foam shoe that you slide your bare feet into Santa loves. Loves changed. My life. You got it. Well, if you like crocs, you're gonna love some of our new products. Okay, front him down for another shark takes Delfino humble. Now, we made so much any of your money. Your San of our company. We didn't go over this. That sounds fair. You guys have so much money. You're giving away junk of it right here over three hundred million pairs of crock that why can't we go into some other categories, right daynuss? That's right Danis. That's why we come to. We're seeking four billion dollars. Oh up with some of our needs. What are you hear what they got? I. The dolphin bowl. How many times have you put on a shirt, and you feel like it's to flop every time. Thin it fits under other close. What if you had a shirt that wouldn't fit under anything else and was made from thick foam? Introducing the Kurds. Spell that. Please holding on. Got a couple of questions number one crew. Play on craw crock insurance kraken shirt platelets brand. Okay. Honey, Libya's the question. I fight. Oh, that's. Is crocodile played something crack is a play on track. Our last name and then wearing something with no socks. Yeah. Crash. Got it go right to question. This this quick that you talking about. Now to come in and just questions now. Okay. As the best rest of it. Now. Now, of course, we talked about my kids, which Amina snow globe. Tesla shake them. Yes. And you. You can wear the Kurt over anything. Whether your tits are snow Globes or regular human fleshy tip. You got a question. I'm sorry at the cricket come in the size that would fit a thick white cartoon, man. Does it cartoon two dimensional? He's asked. So it's bride but flat, right? Why put Flint is my wife, Lois will love. That's the beauty of the quirk. Right. Oh, yeah..

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