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Let's go. The cowboys have fallen from NFC East favorites to start the year to now football focus saying that they might not win more than one more game. This season join five. They have seen a large number of injuries this season and may even be down third string quarterback this week. Says analyst Eric Dickerson joining us now Eric First of all you look great Congrat- two of the dodgers. But I gotta ask you about the cowboys. What's the biggest reason for their collapse? Well. I think the biggest reasons offensive line I mean, I think a lot of people don't put a lot of stock into an office last night the on a football you pick the the the guys outside quarterback and the receivers makeup football team. You start with. Land Line for the Dallas cowboys and been decimated I. Mean I think they're playing with his third third backups to the right tap was gone the center retired Another thing is you don't have any. Ota. You have no preseason. You don't get a chance to know your head coaching killing hip coach and get a chance to know you know the offense. Is just a lot of problems over that right now. But the main thing really is offense I mean and people ask me all man how Ziegler Ziegler bad now. It's not Zeke I've been in that same situation. You don't have the guys up front I don't care how great you are how you out fast you are those guys on blocking. You can't run people have a tendency to get those are pros on the other side of that ball also so they're the stock you but that's why for me when I had office of line without always bound you, I mean I think that's important. One. Making I was most definitely gonNA give it to. Lineup I really believe that. Is Lines. Are they collapse brought into the high. It's too many excuses. The I mean Look Nobody had Ota's nobody had many camps everybody had abbreviated training camps. Nobody had preseason games basically everything zoom meetings and walk through. This is no excuse and you look at the defense. Okay. Ha Ha Clinton digs will the big citing us get loved that signing he couldn't be making it out of training camp decide Everson Griffen he's being traded already. Why is that? They've bucked the system they said what? What you're trying to impose upon us Mike Nolan. It does not work and he said, okay, you're gone. You're gone. Okay. Dante. Airport I haven't seen John. Terry on the field and at least two to three games, and if it is for one snap, Jerem McCoy got hurt. So all of the big names that they sign didn't. Pan Out and their defense is awful and we keep blaming we blame to regard remember last year it was all about Jason Gary Walters. Eight Jason Gear he came motivate. Somebody told we Jason Gary could motivate a ball out of a shoe? So. Now they got rid of Jason Kerr they got rid of Chris Russo. They got rid of. Rodman Nellie they bring in a May may have told me Mike McCarthy. May. He made a Roger. They got say that they won the super bowl together a decade decade ago off, they got Mike McCarthy May. Now, look if every single year eighty, we go through this, the cowboys are supposed to do this and we evaluate. Them, but look at talent eighty you been around too. You know it takes more than just talent to win into win big in this league. The cowboys are High Jerry Jones have been selling them. He does a great job of selling them but the cowboys is not nearly as talented not nearly as good as people make them out to be every single year. So I have a question for both of you hall of famers. Do you have any idea how hard this is on me a lifelong fan to be living here in Los Angeles to have to look at Eric Dickerson wearing at dodger top Tommy Lasorda Jersey. Because, they just won the world series last night and I'm still having to put up with this man across from me because his Lebron led. Lakers won the championship Cova Championship Cubic zirconiums championship but it is a championship none the less you and I have to live with it and the rams are starting to look like they got a shot. I'm talking to the RIM Basser here they're looking pretty good i. know they laid an egg up San Francisco, but they looked really good against the bears on Monday night. And now I have to live with the team that is historically inexplicably all time bad I have never Mr Dickerson seen anything like this in all my years of covering all the sports never have I seen it this bad for a team that most prognosticators really liked consensus pick to the NFC east, maybe a fifth or sixth. Among the oddsmakers to win the Super Bowl. I thought it was a pretty talented team. I said ten wins. You said maybe nine, you gave them maybe nine. They don't even compete. It started with the opening drive on opening Sunday night at so-fi against your rams. Mr Embassador they just took the ball and drove it right down. Dallas's throat. We're up seven and nothing, and then here we went Atlanta's comes to Jerry world. They're up twenty to nothing after a quarter twenty, nine to ten at halftime at Seattle. My team is down thirty, two, fifteen in. The third quarter. Then here come the browns who were on and off. They were still struggling hit miss their up forty one to fourteen. In the third quarter. The giants Swab Dak was still afloat still upright still healthy and the offensive line was still relatively healthy. They trailed the giants seventeen to three early in the second quarter before Andy Dalton finally stole that went back for them and then. Arizona a Monday night football game you just quit you just roll over and play dead, and then you go play your archrival in Washington and you quit from the outset you don't even compete. You're done after a quarter of that game on that run by Antonio Gibson twelve yards he just danced into the end zone even if it were flag football, they wouldn't have taken his flag if we do that we're seeing right now. So Eric I get what you say about the offensive line. That's right now it's decimated got no shot maybe Andy Dalton maybe been to NUCCI, the seventh round rookie quarterback. Phillies. GonNa win this game forty three. But when I look back, they never responded to the two new coaches, the head coach or the defensive coordinator the two Mikes drop the Mike's I've said from the start it just didn't work somehow this team mutinied against both of them rejected all.

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