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Painting somebody's stack or staining someone's deck so we didn't always work together on a day today basis the would whatever required but i definitely work with john vukovich. Yes going to ask you. If you knew any of the victims. I knew two of them for sure. Saw and did you know them. Well yeah john. Buca that you and i would Both of those guys were older than i was at the time and we we'd sometimes hang out a little bit after we were done working. You know so. I mean that. They weren't like super close friends. But it's like people you work with him. Was his family also friends with genuine. Jc's family or was he. Just no know that. I know of nothing. Do you think that's one of the reasons why you didn't get get hurt because of your family. Now no no he. He had every intention of me on. The upper deck is well. Can you explain that a little bit while he tried to kill me twice. Oh my gosh so out of probably a little bit of skill a lot. Larger dose of luck didn't work. So you want me to. Do you know anything about those or do you wanna ask questions. I don't know anything about any events. I didn't know that you were on the app. Please go ahead and talk about it. Well the first The first incident Only preface this by saying john. We always talk to you about like. He liked to give people tests in he especially liked to give his employees are tests. Or at least that's what he told you he says you know. I'm trusting you with a lot of equipment on a job in my reputation. I have to know what kind of person you are and stuff like that. So he would he would write things off as Giving you a test or sometimes he would call that he would try to quote mind. Fuck you so so one time we were. He was also involved politically so he would do things. And i was kind of a wanted to work extra and make more money and stuff like that. So he i were was working with him in the evening in summer and we had to prepare the democratic precinct headquarters for they were having a precinct meeting the following day or evening. So you know we had to clean the place up mop the floor setup all the folding chairs for like hundred folding chairs and things like that so we were done working for the days. If you still keep on the clock. I have to do this. You can help. So we were doing that. We mopped the floor. And you remember in grade school or at least when i was in grade school gul's super big heavy almost iron folding chairs while those are the kinds we were setting up and all of a sudden Well he said. Hey let's have a drink. I was probably too young drinking. So he says i know where they they stash their brews so we had had a shot or two of some kind of whiskey. Or something and said okay where you gotta get to work so we And it was talking to metering. The time i think he was even telling me about these tests. He gives people and during during this conversation. So we go about and we're map in the floors on navy dinner for about another.

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