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Everybody's just kind on a kicking it on the quad energy and you in the energy is so crazy because A.. You're all probably eighteen point. which makes you like real adults yeah and you you know like this is going to be the last time we are all together? You're super present. Yeah Yeah and you know when people cry at graduation when you're like wow this is really the last something after graduation. I know we went there was like three people to have house parties and our parents all like let us get the car all night like we went literally did not come home until like five six more which was like the first time ever and even like that next week. My mom was like no. I was a special situation because they knew just like this is the ending of summertime from top to bottom here. It is a groove slightly trans for and it's just like Oh. This is just the perfect day. It's it's like damn man but you kind of relive it a little bit when I hear that song. I'm taking right back to that place just fun summer when summer actually meant something you know I had a job that lasts that last the last few weeks of like childhood whereas like okay either either people are going to college in a couple of months or people are starting jobs now. I want whatever they want to do so like these every weekend was like bonfire. Dockweiler your best friends yeah. You'd never really hung out that much yeah yeah yeah people who just got to know in the last week of school yeah even coo over twelve years yeah but summertime on like that to me is like in untouchable. It's a good one and also now it's summer so perfect timing yeah okay. I wanted for my untouchable jam. <hes> I don't want him to think that I'm above like a stupid pop song because I am not to prove pop song because I dogged on this stupid pop song for at the last three eighty four hours how long it's been so I'm choosing pop song that I fucking love and I will not apologize for it as that is crushed by David Archer Coletta in a letter from American idol. It's silly so think of his really popped off and even that really pop pop up every time like yes team but printed David David like I could literally said about this. It's so terrible. It's it's good you had to listen to it Mersa. I need you to put in where the chorus drops. That's the spot that has to be the song versus. Give me a thumbs up. I think to say she gets it but also because she's also also yeah she likes it. She does not does not Karl. Thank you so much for coming on. Thank you so much for having me guys. This has been in a real blast having you do. I'm glad to revisit this song and like I feel like I feel the same way I did before but I'm also just like it was a positive feeling good yeah. Next time we gotTA DO Pretty Ricky's on the hotline punch-up. They'll sixty dome lyrics. I think the reason that I shied away from that. One is like it didn't immediately in my head what it is but I was thinking I was like people probably don't notice but it was it was their biggest hit was the one that made it to the pop chart so sure the grind on me and your body both they were me for vine yeah from Vine Yeah. It was out like eighteen years before five from vine. I feel like I've heard of on the hotline. I couldn't hear it in my head..

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